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The Lebanese domestic political situation

Fadlullah received Hezbollah's Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Na'im Qassim:

We should approach the Lebanese situation in terms of the ongoing Israeli threats to Lebanon

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Na'im Qassim, and discussed the development of the domestic situation, reconciliations, and the internal dialogue. The meeting also addressed the regional situation, especially in Palestine, and the oppression, terrorism, and starvation practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people, in light of the Arabs' silence which sometimes turns into collusion, and particularly since the Islamic states and organizations relinquished their responsibilities vis--vis the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause, not to mention the direct and indirect Israeli threats to Lebanon.

His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, underscored the necessity to approach the Lebanese domestic situation in terms of the ongoing Israeli threats to Lebanon, since the enemy still views Lebanon as a resistance and a strategic source of threat that thwarted the goals of the July war in 2006. Therefore, the Lebanese, namely the officials who are discussing a defense strategy, should approach the issue correctly and wisely, aside from the media and from the exchange of accusations which negatively influences one of the most sensitive issues that pertains to Lebanon's future and fate.

His Eminence gave emphasis to communication and dialogue between various sides in Lebanon, noting that stability and security should not be disrupted due to political and media disagreements. The Sayyed said that the security issues should be considered as a domestic priority, alongside the strategic priority that pertains to the ambitions of the enemy, its violations, and continuous attacks on Lebanon with multiple means.