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Sayyed Fadlullah received the British ambassador and warned the European countries against sponsoring Israel's terrorism

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the British Ambassador to Lebanon Francis Gay, and discussed the overall situation in Lebanon and the region in light of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, its repercussions at various levels, as well as its direct and indirect effects on many key regional dossiers, and Lebanon in specific.

Sayyed Fadlullah said: the world community continues to remain silent and insensitive about the Palestinian people, and that its collusion with the aggression prevented many western officials from condemning Israel, even though they described the situation in Gaza as an unparalleled humanitarian catastrophe in modern times.

The Sayyed wondered: Why don't the European officials speak about the bombardment and shooting and the crimes perpetrated by Israel, instead of speaking about a cease-fire in Sharm el-Sheikh? He noted that the West refuses to expose the Zionist entity and its violations and crimes that are beyond belief. As such, they encourage Israel to launch new wars in the region and violate the international law and wipe out any chances for peace in the region and the world.

He continued: "The silence of the European Union countries on Israel's violations and their refusal to prosecute Israel for its crimes including the killing of the civilians in the UNRWA schools as well as the pressures applied on the Western media to cover up Israel's crimes in Gaza, reveal that the European position contradicts with the principles and concepts embedded in its political titles and constitutions and humanitarian and civilized slogans.

Sayyed Fadlullah added: "I am afraid that our people regard the European countries as partners to Israel's terrorism because they continue to refuse the prosecution of Israel and cover up its crimes. In addition, the European leaders are willing to go anywhere in the world when it comes to Israel, its security, and reputation, just as what happened in Sharm el-Sheikh summit. We believe that such positions will nurture terrorism in the region and bring forth serious repercussions on the European countries in the first place.

He continued: We counted on the recent international economic and political developments to create a unifying personality of the European countries, but it seems we were extremely optimistic, because Europe is in the same boat with Israel and the United States, and the NATO continues to daunt the freedom-seekers and rejectionists in the region. For this reason, the peoples must come up with new means to ensure self-protection and safeguard their causes, since an international protection is no longer available, to the extent that these European countries are concerned with protecting the occupation and deterring the freedom fighters seeking to liberate their countries under the guise of fighting terrorism. Nonetheless, everyone knows that the occupation is violence, and is the root and source of all forms of counter-violence staged by the rightful people who seek to liberate their lands and determine their destiny, after they were abandoned by the countries who allegedly care for the "international legitimacy".