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Fadlullah: Let us pay back the Muslims in South-East Asia by committing to Islamic unity and discarding sectarian fanaticism and opening up to the Islamic issues worldwide

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, called on the Arab and Islamic peoples to pay back the Muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Muslims in South-East Asia, in general, who were devoted to Islam and Islamic unity and were committed to the issues of the nation, spearheaded by the Palestinian cause. To do this, we should enhance Islamic unity and discard sectarian fanaticism and open up to the Islamic issues worldwide.

His Eminence noticed that the former American President, George Bush, was shocked when he visited Indonesia and saw how Muslims there were committed to the Palestinian cause and supported the Palestinian people. His Eminence also emphasized on the necessity of refuting the distortion campaigns targeting Islam under the pretext that it is a religion that exports violence, adding that the violence we are witnessing nowadays is a western product, and calling for studying thoroughly the motives, origins and causes of the phenomenon of terrorism.

His Eminence received a delegation from the Indonesian Renaissance Society headed by Dr. Mash'huri who conveyed to Sayyed Fadlullah the greetings of the Chairman of the Society, Dr. Hajj Ahmad Hashem Muzadi, who could not accompany the delegation due to an ailment.

Dr. Mash'huri praised Sayyed Fadlullah's unifying stands that always take into consideration the priorities of the nation and the true religion away from sectarian calculations, and paid tribute to his steady stands that serve the Palestinian interests and defend the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause.

His Eminence addressed the delegation and paid tribute to the concern of the Indonesian people in the nation's major issues, especially the Palestinian cause, pointing out that the schemes of the big states and the colonial axes were based on distancing the Islamic peoples from the Palestinian cause. However, these schemes failed and hit the level where we noticed that the concern of the peoples that are geographically far from occupied Palestine and Holy Jerusalem exceeded, by far, the concerns of the states and regimes and groups surrounding Palestine or near it.

He added: We have noticed how shocked the former American President, George Bush, and his staff were upon their visit to Indonesia; for they noticed that the Muslims in Indonesia were so much concerned about occupied Palestine and insisted on weighing international justice and its credibility in accordance with how much it is concerned about the Palestinian people. It turned out that such a justice failed the test, for it always sides with the enemy's entity and remains silent before its hideous crimes that were committed against the Arabs, in general, and the Palestinian people in particular.

He continued: We believe that it is about time for the Muslims in the region to pay back the Muslim peoples in South-East Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia…etc. These peoples were devoted to Islam and were committed to it and stood against all the distortion campaigns that it was subjected to. They were also devoted to Islamic unity, which made them regard all Muslims as an integrated unit, and worked for embracing all their causes and issues. Therefore, paying them back should be done by cementing and solidifying Islamic unity and discarding all means of sectarian fanaticism and unifying the ranks to defend the nation's issues and fail the attempts of the international arrogance axes that aim at disturbing and complicating the relations within the Islamic arena so as to accomplish their goals and those of the enemy to fragment the nation and scatter its unified ranks to distract them away from the Palestinian cause and their top priorities.

His Eminence also called for joining the efforts to expose and reveal the external conspiracy that certain western media means have embarked on developing, and which claims that Islam is the religion of violence that produces violence in the Islamic arena and exports it to the outside, just as what happened in Bali Island in Indonesia or elsewhere. He also emphasized the necessity of exposing to the world the fact that such violence is a western product, or was nurtured and adopted by certain intelligence devices and western security institutions. He also called for revealing that the violence produced by the western civilization in World War I and II is unprecedented in the history of mankind, and that its extension to our regions was the result of the mentality of domination and greeds of the arrogant states seeking hegemony, which led to supporting certain groups and developing thoughts that believe in violence, as well as exclusion as a means to confront the other and as a faster method to make a change.

His Eminence confirmed that Islam rejects violence, except in cases of self-defense and called for studying thoroughly the motives, origins and causes of the phenomenon of terrorism, away from political and security manipulations and the like.