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Receiving the Advisor of the Sudanese Presidents
Fadlullah: An international criminal try the people of Sudden

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Advisor of the Sudanese President, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, for religious authentication, Professor Ahmad Ali Al-Imam, accompanied by the Sudanese Ambassador to Lebanon, Jamal Muhammad Ibrahim.

The discussion touched upon the general situation in the region, and the dangers that Sudan faces as a result of the international conspiracy against it,whose salient feature is represented by the prosecution of the International Criminal Court to the Sudanese President.

The recent talks between the Sudanese government and the "Justice and Equality Movement" was also discussed. And the advisor of the Sudanese President explained that there are neighboring countries that support the internal parties that wish to destabilize Sudan.

On his part, the Sayyed asserted that there are international and regional plans that aim at preventing Sudan from establishing its internal peace; the prosecution of the Sudanese President is a part of these plans that aim at creating internal turmoil  and prevent Sudan from reaching a state, of economic political and social balance that enables it to play a bigger role in its Arab, Muslim and African spheres.

His Eminence pointed that America works with Israel to weaken Sudan and disperse its force and create additional feuds in its north and south, since the political stability of Sudan will  be reflected as an economic strength that represents a challenge to the  policy of impoverishment that America pursues against the Arab and Muslim states. It also embarrasses the pro-American States, some of which are creating climates that lay the foundations of new troubles in Sudan.

Sayyed Fadlullah expressed his belief that what is happening is not a judicial prosecution of the Sudanese president, but an international and American crime against the Sudanese people that aims at trying this people and besieging its Islamic system to the benefit of international Zionism. It also paves the way of appropriating Sudan and making it a target for the continuous international attempts to tamper with the Arab States, especially the African states, that did not yield to the American pressures.    

His Eminence expressed his belief that the Sudanese people who supported their leadership and protected their state are able to fail this new conspiracy that takes the form of the international criminal court prosecution.

The Sayyed called on this court to prosecute George Bush and the Zionist leaders for their crimes of eradication in Gaza and other places, since these crimes and massacres are evident and cannot be denied, and the proofs are there for every one to see.

The only way this court can prove that it is not politicized is this way.