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Fadlullah: The Bahraini arena is in need for political frankness to rebuild internal confidence

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a Bahraini delegation of Al-Wifaq Association, including the Deputy Secretary General  Sheikh Hussein Al-Dihi, Member of the General Secretariat of the Association and the Bahraini MP Sheikh Hussein Sultani.

During the meeting, the situation in Bahrain and the means to unite the Bahraini ranks were discussed. The delegation briefed Sayyed Fadlullah on the efforts of Al-Wifaq Association, in light of the recent developments in Bahrain.

Sayyed Fadlullah stressed the need to launch an internal dialogue in Bahrain over various issues, including the relation among the political and Shiite parties, or the relations between the people and the authorities, in order to ensure the cohesion of the internal situation, while adhering to the Islamic unity and repudiating violence. Furthermore, The Sayyed highlighted the need to act wisely and rationally, aside from impulsive reactions. He also called for abandoning fanatic feelings, regardless of the parties promoting them. He also affirmed that the Bahraini government should take into account the people’s situation and make sure to embrace and protect and look after their affairs within the scope of its general responsibility. The Sayyed emphasized that the situation in Bahrain requires that all political parties engage in a frank political dialogue, so as to rebuild confidence among all parties, eliminate the reasons for the conflicts that erupted due to political concerns and on-ground tension, release the detainees, and run the political affairs on the basis of an understanding that does not deny the rights of any party and does not overflow the arena with differences, tensions, and offences.

Sayyed Fadlullah also received the member of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee at the Bahraini Parliament, Deputy Dr. Jasem Hussein, and the journalist Haidar Muhammad. The Sayyed attached importance to safeguarding the national unity in Bahrain and promoting rapprochement and dialogue between various components of the Bahraini people…

The Sayyed also said that all parties should run the political process based on their responsibilities, which ensure justice and equality and at the same time preserve the security and civil peace and create positive climates for the national initiatives aiming at bringing the points of view closer.

Furthermore, Sayyed Fadlullah called for adopting a peaceful approach in all situations and for bridging confidence among all factions of the society. He stressed the need to repudiate any behaviors or actions – from whatever party – that aim at provoking confessional and sectarian divisions.

The Sayyed also stressed the importance to run a political, cultural and intellectual dialogue over various issues discussed on the Bahraini arena in particular, as well as the methods used for running the political process to find appropriate grounds for boosting unity through an agreement over common factors.

For their side, Deputy Jasem Hussein and the journalist Haidar Mohmmed, expressed their appreciation for the extraordinary and continuous efforts extended by Sayyed Fadlullah to consecrate the Islamic unity and strengthen the nation's ability to create a new reality.

On another note, the Sayyed received the Iraqi MP and the Secretary General of the Turkman Islamic Union, Abbas Al-Bayyati, where they discussed the recent developments of the situation in Iraq.