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Sayyed Fadlullah received a delegation from the "Free Gaza Movement"

Sayyed Fadlullah: The Initiative of the "Free Gaza Movement" represents a new line in the struggle with Israel and has embarrassed the entire world

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received a delegation from the Free Gaza Movement that informed the Sayyed of the circumstances and atmospheres which surrounded the trip of the ship that carried many personalities from different countries of the world in an attempt to break the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza.

The Sayyed welcomed the delegation and said: "We highly appreciate everyone who seeks to break the siege on the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza, because we think that Gaza represents the biggest jail in the world. Not only the Palestinians are continuously being dying in these jails, since the medical and nutritional supplies could not reach them, but also the narrow-minded conscience of the world that deals with people, especially the Arabs and Muslims, according to its interests and it is only affected by what is related to its interests and situations in the markets and stocks."

The Sayyed considered that the Palestinian cause is not only related to a certain people or human group, but rather it represents the clearest manifestation of injustice in this age. It is true that this cause has its wide Arab dimension and its special Islamic dimension; but it also became a universal humanitarian cause. Therefore, we highly appreciate everyone who seeks to embrace this cause on the political, media and practical levels. We have seen that some free Western and French writers were punished for their living conscience, awareness, and open thought that we might be lacking in our Arab and Muslim reality… Such people deserve to be embraced and befriended more than those who fill the world with rumors every day when they talk about the UN resolutions and about the Palestinian legitimate rights and whose political and practical movement remains in the realm of their discourse.

The Sayyed stressed that the Arabs and Muslims should no longer neglect the Western free and aware vanguards who upheld the Arab and Muslim causes and they have to establish good relations with them, honor them, and benefit from their experiences in the Palestinian cause as well as in other causes.