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Fadlullah telephoned Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and received a European delegation:
Conferences held in opposition of the American hegemony must effectively influence the European and American arenas

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation from the International Committee against Globalization and American Hegemony, including the committee's representative in Germany Michael Oper Siski, its representative in Greece Niko Opal, Member of the International Committee of American Lawyers For Peace Lawyer Franklin Lamp, the Jordanian Journalist Asaad Al-Azouni, accompanied by the Ambassador of the International Organization for Human Rights Ali Akil Khalil.

The meeting addressed the Palestinian situation and the repercussions of the Israeli offensive in Gaza, the tragedies and humanitarian disasters, and how to prosecute the Israeli officials before international tribunals, as well as the responsibility of the concerned sides to inform the people of the world, the Western people in specific, about the Israeli atrocity and hegemony, and the killing of the children with American-made warplanes.

Sayyed Fadlullah lauded the delegation and the International Committee against Globalization and American hegemony for supporting the Palestinian people, and defending the legitimate rights of the weakened people. He added that it is important to hear voices opposing the American hegemony and the ongoing European support for Israel emerging from the heart of the European and American capitals. This proves for the Arab and Muslim peoples that the West is not only represented by its regimes and administration. However, there are many rational figures, ideologists, and activists who represent a significant model for intercultural communication, through their opposition to hegemony, arrogance, and oppression.

His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, emphasized the importance of the conferences organized by the "International Committee against Globalization and American Hegemony", stressing that these conferences must effectively influence the European and American arenas, so as to hammer out an international public opinion against violence-makers who practice economic violence against the helpless and oppressed people. We are in dire need to mobilize the people at the political and media levels to influence the people's choices of their rulers and representatives, tipping the balance in favor of those who represent the values of righteousness and good, against those who symbolize violence, murder, and evil.

Sayyed Fadlullah stressed the need to highlight Israel's state terrorism backed by the American administration and NATO, as well as the right of the nations to face this terrorism, with it representing the most heinous face of occupation, aimed at finishing off the Palestinian cause and the project of the Palestinian state.

Sayyed Fadlullah has also telephoned Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri, praising his role in defending and supporting the Palestinian people through the political move he initiated. He added that it is everyone's responsibility to embrace the Palestinian cause under the increasing Israeli pressures and international cover-up - and embedded it once again into the Arab and Islamic consciousness.