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Sayyed Fadlullah received the delegation of the Public Library of Al-Mabarrat Charity Association

Fadlullah calls for reading in the book of the universe

The Religious Authority, warned against "nations who have read in our book, but who are trying to monopolize the movement of scientific invention and want us to remain as a consumer market for their production."

His Eminence stressed that we should not bow our minds before any party regardless of its importance... We must know that we have the right to criticize the highest religious cultural political or authorities. God has created man free, so we must not let our minds be controlled by any human being….

The Sayyed said that we have to read in the book of the universe, and that no worlds could be closed in front of the mind, emphasizing that the mind can not be confined to any situation.

On the occasion of the "Reading Week", H.E. received a delegation of the Cultural Islamic Center and the General Library of al-Mabarrat Charity Association, headed by Sayyed Shafeq al-Mosawi and the employees of the library who briefed the Sayyed with the activities of the library that comprises sixty thousand books and that ought to comprise around one million books in the next stage.

When we read the movement of the future in the general activities of the nation and in the perspective of Islam, we aspire from the Holy Quran and its concepts which are expressed by its verses, that Islam plans for creating the human mind that is open on the horizons of knowledge, knowing Allah, the creations, the universe… and through it, we understand how Allah has given the mind the freedom of thinking in all topics. Hence, no thing is prohibited for the mind and there are no closed worlds before its aspirations neither are there any positions that it could be confined to… we also aspire from the Holy Quran that there is an insistence on involving the mind into all affaires of the universe. Thus, the mind is independent and it assumes its independency from Allah who revealed to it that there are no limits for its movement and thinking. But, man should be responsible for what he thinks about and Allah will hold him accountable for his thinking. So, man has a testimony that he must present before Allah: How did he think, which path did he follow, how did he reach conclusions, what are the results that he reached?

He added: Knowledge is one of the great treasures that the contemplative and experimental mind produces and from here comes the role of reading, that is reading in the universe. Allah wanted us to read in the book of universe in order to be able to understand the universal phenomena and to produce through this reading, a new innovation through this gradual openness on the secrets of the universe… Hence, the conscious reading makes us aware of what others have produced through their experiments and contemplations. Besides, reading ought to be rational, scientific, and critical because the experiments of others might have led them to deviation in reaching conclusions or they might have been wrong in their contemplations.

He added: In reading, we need to consider all thoughts of the thinkers and not to be frozen before their innovations. We must try to create new innovation. We have to be opened on what the thinkers have relied on and not to be frozen in front of their productions. But, in order to create new cultural horizons we should get prepared – according to our capabilities- to build new generations who think in a scientific and critical way, add new things to the other's heritage and be opened on the future. We must not read in a simple minded manner that makes us memorize what we have read, but rather we ought to read in a scientific manner that seeks innovation.

He also said: Some thinkers say that Muslims have ceased to produce thought after Ibin Roshd and Ibin Khaldoon. On the other hand, we say that the movement of the Arab thought does not stop and we might find that some experiments were studied thoroughly while others were studied superficially. However, the nation did not cease to produce thinkers such as Sadir eddine ash-Shirazi, Muhammad Baqir as-Sadir, and many other thinkers in Egypt, Iran and other countries, whereas the experiments of thought differ…

He said further: We have to stop bowing our minds to any other human being or to be completely submitted to any political leadership or authority, but rather we have to work on discovering the weak points in the leaderships and not to be satisfied with staring at the strong points that are embodied in their personalities. We must know that we have the right to criticize the highest religious, cultural or political authorities…Allah has created man independent in thinking and acting and we must not let our minds be controlled by any other human being. Moreover, leaderships must accept any constructive and scientific criticism and not to run away from their responsibilities towards this criticism… we have to know that Allah is the only one who will hold us accountable for our thinking, since He has granted us the independency of thinking, and thus He will reward us for what we were right at and will punish us for what we were wrong at.

In the end, he said: we were the nation that have read in the other nation's books and worked on enriching other's nations through this reading, but it did not monopolize the results of knowledge that it had created and did not confine itself with its creative results. However, we find that there are some nations that have read in our book and have created a lot when they benefited of our culture to build their modern culture, whereas, they tried to monopolize the movement of the scientific creation and they want us to remain a consumer market for their productions, even at the time they confiscate our wealth and seize our brains and inventors. Consequently, the big challenge that awaits us lies in our decision to insist on being involved in innovation. That is because if we do not follow this path, we would continue to slope down in the mazes of history and the darkness of future.