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Reception of Iraqi and Yemeni religious figures

Fadlullah: We call for preserving the unity of Yemen and the cooperation of the major groups in Iraq

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, emphasized that the Iraqis ought to hasten to form a cabinet that includes all the Iraqi parties, so as to cement the bases of peace, stability and unity in Iraq. Moreover, His Eminence confirmed that all the Yemeni people ought to exert every effort to preserve their country's unity, warning from the danger of the nations' game in it.

His Eminence received a delegation from the office of the Iraqi's Prime Minister, Nouri Al-Maliki, headed by his Chief of Staff, Dr. Taleb Al-Hamadani, and the delegation briefed the Sayyed on the developments in Iraq following the recent elections.

His Eminence emphasized that the various Iraqi political parties should cooperate to build a new Iraq, without alienating any of Iraq's major groups, and eventually make them feel that they are under pressure to be distanced and isolated from the political process that is to determine the fate of Iraq, as well as its unity and the future of its generations.

His Eminence also confirmed that the Iraqis should hasten to form the Iraqi Cabinet by establishing political understandings that would eventually lead to expelling the occupiers from Iraq once and for all, and cementing the bases of peace, stability and unity in Iraq.

His Eminence also received the member of the Yemeni Shura Council (Parliament), Fatima Muhammad Bin Muhammad, and they went through the situation in Yemen. During the meeting, His Eminence emphasized the necessity of exerting every effort to maintain the Islamic unity, as well as the unity of the Yemeni people, calling on all the Yemeni people to protect their country and preserve its unity, and beware of the threats inflicted by the Game of the nations and the foreign interventions in Yemeni social, political and religious fabric.

MP Fatima Muhammad Bin Muhammad praised "the unifying and national stands of His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah, who represents an invaluable Islamic and Arab personality and a lighthouse on the road of unity between religions, sects, and the various political and intellectual trends."