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Sayyed Fadlullah met the Mufti of Jerusalem

Sayyed Fadlullah received the Palestinian Mufti:
 The Palestinian cause still represents the major Arab Muslim and human cause

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received the Mufti of Jerusalem and all of Palestine, Muhammad Hussein, and the Palestinian Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs, Sheikh Jamal Bawatna.

The two parties discussed the situation in Palestine and the Palestinian suffering due to the Israeli killings, besiege, starvation and Judaization practices.

Sayyed Fadlullah stressed during the meeting that the Palestinian cause still represents the major Arab, Muslim and human cause, which embodies in its events, developments and impact the entire political movement in the region. His Eminence pointed out that the cause  of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque is still a prominent issue that imposes itself on the entire world, despite all the Judaization attempts, since the determination of the Palestinian people to resist and preserve his identity and principles, has acted as the pillar that makes the cause live forever.

The Sayyed emphasized that the cause of Jerusalem and Palestine needs an Arab and Muslim effort that accompanies and preserves the internal Palestinian effort. He pointed out that the failure of the Arab and Muslim countries to support the Palestinians is a failure to stand for their own cause, since the weakness of the Palestinian cause undermines the image of the Arabs and Muslims. And any strength in the Palestinian position represents, on the other hand, an indication of the strength of Arabs and Muslims.

H.E. stressed that the conspiracy against Jerusalem and Palestine has been far greater than the Arab and Muslim responses. He added that the best kind of solidarity with the Palestinians would be the unity of the Muslims and Arabs in confronting their enemy.

Those who are in charge of the affairs of the nation act generally as guards who serve international arrogance, to the extent that the Resistance has become an accusation the Arab moderates seek to deny. Israel, meanwhile, is trying to make the Palestinians despair and surrender, considering what is happening as an inevitable fate.

Sayyed Fadlallah emphasized that the Palestinian people and all Palestinian parties and factions, have one option that of unity. He warned the Palestinians from the spread of the Arab political deceases into Palestine including those that haunted the Palestinians in Lebanon before 1982.

He ended by concluding that the Arab and Muslim silence towards the besiege of Gaza and what is happening in the Aqsa Mosque represents a big political crime.