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Fadlullah: Those who propagate strife are the American allies in the Arab and Muslim world

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation of the teachers and the graduates from Imam Al-Khomeini Institution for Islamic studies, headed by Sheik Mahmoud Rajbi, the member of the Higher Central Committee for the Academic Hawza (religious school) in Qom, in the presence of Mr. Muhammad Hussein Rais Zadah, the Iranian cultural consultant to >Lebanon.  

Sheik Raji briefed the Sayyed about the activities of the institution on the level of researches and Islamic studies that are specialized in the Quranic fields and the scientific and moral issues. He also pointed out to the conferences held by the institution, the students who come to study in Qom on the level of the Quran and the Islamic researches.

The Sayyed highlighted the role of the Hawzas, indicating that the Hawza must shoulder its responsibility in directing the productive scientific movement and rejecting the line of superstition and exaggeration.

The Sayyed also pointed out to the other responsibility that the cultural Islamic institutions ought to shoulder, especially in confronting the international cultural attacks against Islam. Such attacks that are particularly made by the western political and media outlets that meet with the parties that are backed by international Zionism. These institutions should also work on directing the objective, scientific and cultural responses against these instigations.

The Sayyed also called for being aware of the neoconservative American Administration's plans that are working on two lines: the first seeks to distort the image of Islam, although it covers that by confronting the so-called "terrorist lines". The second line focuses on instigating political or sectarian strife in the Muslim world.

He also added: We notice that whenever the American Administration faces a setback or whenever it is cornered in any Arab or Muslim country, it starts to talk about a civil war and about a political and sectarian strife in this country. We even notice that those who propagate such instigations are the American allies or those who work for serving the American interests, whether they are aware of that or not. As if the message that he US Administration wants to send is that" You have to accept the compromise that we suggest under the conditions that we impose, or you should prepare for a war or a strife that destroys your positions and disunite you." In fact, those who propagate the strife are numerous, but those who are able to incite it and follow it are not that many. That is because our people can understand all what is happening and they are not ready to follow the lines of the sectarian or political strife.

We call on all the vanguards, the educated people, the wise men, the experts and all those who represent the movements of consciousness in the nation, to persist on working on two lines: Confronting backwardness and exaggerations on the one hand, and resisting all attempts that aim at sowing decisions and disunity on all levels, on the other hand.