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Fadlullah calls Berri and the Army commander

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah made a phone call to the Speaker of the Parliament, Nabih Berri.

The conversation revolved around the latest developments in Lebanon, particularly the clashes of Mar Makhail, and what is awaiting the Arab initiative on the Lebanese and foreign levels.

The conversation stressed that the investigation should take its course free from any political or non political interference which could affect it. It was also stressed that the investigation should be provided with the best atmosphere until the problem ends. Sayyed Fadlullah said there were internal and external obstacles that hinder the Arab initiative. He pointed out that the United States Administration has closed all doors in front of the initiative, even if its representatives and officials are trying to prove the opposite.

Sayyed Fadlullah also called on the Lebanese Army commander, General Michel Suleiman, to express his condemnation of the attacks against the army. H.E. emphasized that these attacks do not only target the military institution, but also the entire country, since their aim is to instigate internal disturbance to saw chaos, blocking the roads of reaching reconciliation and finding internal solutions.

H.E. emphasized the need to preserve the Army as an institution that everybody should protect in order to keep it away from any negative incident that might harm its reputation. All officials both inside the army and outside it should shoulder the responsibility of this protection.

The Sayyed said that the investigation should take its course to punish those responsible, since this would let the people feel safe and that there are those who still protect their security and rights.