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Fadlullah: America has become close to a dialogue with Iran that has become a powerful state respected by others

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received an Iranian delegation from Al-Mustapha Global University headed by Dr. Muhammad Faker, and a number of teachers and professors and scholars. Current Islamic issues were discussed.

Sheikh Faker spoke for the delegation and thanked Sayyed Fadlullah for giving him the chance to meet with His Eminence, and discuss various religious and scientific issues, and benefit from his approaches and opinions. He explained the work mechanism of the university and how it adopts modern methodologies and combines the religious and modern scientific methods.

Sayyed Fadlullah addressed the delegation, speaking about the major responsibility of the religious schools and universities in keeping up with modern times, and following up on various scientific developments and field events, in order to formulate an Islamic stance towards these events and issue fatwas that are in line with the developments in real life.

His Eminence, the Sayyed, stressed the need that the Islamic universities and schools (Hawzas) should develop its methodologies in various majors, especially since we live in an era where science develops in all its methods and domains. The methodologies, creeds, legislations, and concepts of Islam have altogether become a matter for examination by the world, whether by those who disagree or those who agree with it. We believe that the war on Islam will continue with various means and forms, and the more progress the Islamic Da'wah in the world makes and the more civilized patterns the Islamic activists all over the world present, then those who wait in lure for Islam will continue their attacks on its ideological and conceptual rules and practical political components.

His Eminence noted that the American Administration has become close to a dialogue with Iran, not only because something has changed in the United States, but because Iran has also changed and grown more powerful and forced others to talk to it thanks to the scientific and industrial knowledge it enjoys. Iran has also forced others to respect its defense and innovative capacities at various levels, which should be realized by the Islamic and Arab countries, in order for them to stop begging for a role and start playing a key role, because the role that is granted by others as a political gift is a role of treason, while the role that comes from within and that is based on one's capacities and willpower is an authentic role. We want the Arab and Islamic states to play such a role and spearhead the world as they have been throughout their history and restore their sovereignty, rather than living in a state of political and economic entreating and stay on the sidelines of the Israeli or Western role in the region.