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Sayyed Fadlullah's first annual meeting with the staff and employees of Al-Mabarat Charity Association 

In a Lecture addressing the staff and employees of Al-Mabarat Charity Association:
Fadlullah calls for giving priority to the economic, social and educational issues

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah addressed the first annual meeting with the staff and employees of Al-Mabarat Charity Association. He said:

Islam wants man to shoulder his responsibility in all his capabilities. Man's skills are not an honour or a prestige. It is a responsibility that he should shoulder. God will hold us accountable on how we used our potentials or skills. And if we used it to serve fellow human beings. He will also hold us responsible for wasting it, for wasting one's potentials is one of the most horrible and dangerous kinds of waste that could be a form of negligence or even betrayal.

Islam appreciates the abilities of every human being and rejects any distain to any person that is based on belonging to a social class that is considered a lower one.

Any worker has an important position that emerges from the work he performs, whatever his position is. People need one another, and cooperation between them is essential for the continuity of their welfare. That is why we saw how Islam was concerned with the wellbeing of workers and employees, and wanted those who supervise them to respect them and appreciate their work.

The employees are what gives life to the institutions. Their conditions in both private and public sectors should be periodically reviewed to raise their standard of living and to ensure that they live a decent life.

This is not the responsibility of the state only, but also that of the institutions which should not practise any form of exploitation or to refrain from giving the workers their rights…

As a result of the sectarian regime, we, in Lebanon, live the problem of overlapping between the social issues and those that have to do with religion and politics. The problem in one field will be reflected in the others creating additional problems and rifts among the citizens. This should be avoided in the coming stage that it said to be one of national unity and civil peace.

But just as we refuse politicizing of the social issues, we also refuse the interference of polities in education. We look forward for an internal unity in this field, and believe that the diversity of the educational institutions in Lebanon can enrich the Lebanese experiment… provided that they all live in an atmosphere of responsible and well-defined freedom…

We call for turning Lebanon into a huge social, economic and educational workshop, and call on all politicians to give priority to social and economic issues, and call on everybody to take part in this workshop for the war has entered into our houses and institutions, devastating our lives, while the economic hardships have imposed themselves on all concerned, especially the political class, who have to give the social and economic issues the top priority. It is high time to put an end to the pervious stages in which the parties, the sects and individuals gave priority to their own interests at the expense of those of the people and the country.