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Sayyed Fadlullah met a delegation from the Islamic Jihad Movement

Fadlullah to the Palestinians:
There is no peace since Israel wants to give nothing

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Sayyed Fadlullah received a delegation from the Islamic Jihad Movement led by its representative in Lebanon, Abu Imad Rifai. The two parties discussed the general situation in Lebanon and the region and the on-going preparations to resume the internal Palestinian dialogue, and the condition in the Palestinian Lebanese camps on the social and security levels.

 Mr. Rifai stressed the need to overcome all obstacles that hinder the Palestinian dialogue, and stated that the Palestinians can not maintain their resistance if they do not return to a sate of mutual understanding in which every one recognizes the others. He also called for not leaving any party out of the dialogue and emphasized the need for all parties to take part in the critical decisions that preserve the cause and the people.

He also stressed on the need of all Palestinian factions to cooperate to overcome the sufferings, due to poverty and poor living conditions in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon or of the internal struggles that are incited by various intelligence agencies.

On his part, Sayyed Fadlullah stressed on the need for all Palestinian parties to establish Palestinian accord in a way that enables the Palestinian people to face the upcoming difficult stage, especially that the enemy is trying to further destabilise the internal Palestinian front by some formal offers and media shows which Arabs might be taking part in creating a favourable climate for.

His Eminence asserted that what is more important than the internal Palestinian dialogue is how it will be invested, since there are those in the Arab front who are trying to tie this dialogue to the movement of the settlement which is supposed to take the Zionist internal situation into consideration, and drive the Arabs to engage in a discussion about a settlement that will not be achieved except at the expense of the Palestinians.

The Sayyed called on the Palestinians not to be deceived by the talk about peace, for Israel wants to give nothing, especially in the current stage of internal political and security unbalance, while the world that is preoccupied by its big problems, especially the economic crisis, will not make any pressure on the Enemy to accept the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

He emphasized that the Palestinians should not be trapped into building partisan, institutions, because what is wanted is building national and unifying institutions that would pave the way for building an integrated Palestinian homeland.

He also called on the Lebanese state to address the social situation in the Palestinian camps, especially the rebuilding of the Nahr of al-Bared camp, as is urgently needed, as well as providing them with all civil services and preserving their rights.