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Fadlullah received a Kuwaiti delegation: Kuwaiti Islamic sides must coordinate their steps within an Islamic tolerant track

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a Kuwaiti delegation that embraced Sheikh Hussein Al-Ma'touk and two Kuwaiti Mps Adnan Abed Al-Samad and Ahmad Lari.

The meeting addressed the general Islamic situation, the Kuwaiti situation, and Lebanese-Kuwaiti relations.

 His Eminence Sayyed Fadlullah said the Kuwaitis should seek cooperation to safeguard the interest of their country and preserve the Islamic unity inside Kuwait. He also called on them to be open to others outside Kuwait, stressing the need for the multi-Islamic sides in Kuwait, Sunnis and Shi'is, to coordinate their steps within the framework of a tolerant Islamic track that deters any attempts to provoke an intra-Islamic strife, whether through exaggeration and superstition, or through offending Islamic leaders in a way or another.