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Sayyed Fadlullah received Deputy Ghazi Youssef:
Lebanese rivals must develop a practical vision on how to preserve Lebanon's role in the region

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received Deputy Ghazi Youssef

who congratulated him on his safe return from Holy Mecca where he completed the pilgrimage duties. The meeting addressed the recent developments that took place on the domestic arena, the recent parliamentary sessions, the national dialogue session convened in the presidential palace, and the horizons of the forthcoming period in Lebanon. Deputy Youssef briefed the Sayyed on his recent visit to the United States, and the new American vision of the future of Lebanon and the region.

Sayyed Fadlullah said that Lebanon is no longer a priority to the new American strategy, affirming that the Lebanese should not place many hopes on the new American administration and its policy towards Lebanon, since this policy depends on Lebanon's role in the region, namely regarding the Israeli national security. Thus, the international superpowers, especially the United States, primarily consider Israel's national security in establishing relations with the countries who are able to influence the Lebanese arena, launching dialogues, the results of which do not take the Lebanese situation much into account.

The Sayyed called on the Lebanese people, namely the political rivals, to cooperate in order to develop a practical vision to manage the forthcoming situation, in what would preserve the country and its civil peace, emphasize Lebanon's role in the region, and secure its domestic balance aside from the disagreement through which each side hurls accusations against the other and vice versa, driven by political and personal and election considerations."