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Gaza blockade, receiving Palestinian political figures

Fadlullah received the Islamic Jihad representative in Lebanon
The Sayyed called on the Arabs and Muslims to assume their responsibilities towards lifting the Gaza blockade

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Islamic Jihad Representative in Lebanon, Mr. Abu Imad Al-Rifaei,

 who briefed the Sayyed on the recent developments on the Palestinian domestic arena, the ongoing Israeli assaults, the Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza, and the Palestinian factions' vision vis--vis the calm.

Al-Rifaei said "the Israeli enemy mobilizes its forces to stage a new aggression on the Gaza Strip, and is preparing the appropriate international and Arab climates to curb any public or political reactions to the crimes Israel will perpetrate."

Al-Rifaei expected the enemy to assassinate the political and military leaders of the resistance, refusing to engage in any calm with the enemy unless if lifts the blockade on Gaza and relinquishes its aggressive policy and includes the West Bank in the calm.

For his part, Sayyed Fadlullah

 stressed the importance of a united Palestinian internal position, noting that the Palestinian people managed to withstand the policy of starvation and blockade, the aim of which is to have the Palestinians succumb, especially since many international and Arab sides colluded with the enemy. The Sayyed emphasized the ability of the Palestinian people to face any new aggression against Gaza, calling on the Arabs and Muslims to assume their responsibilities towards lifting the Gaza blockade, instead of engaging in arguments over the extent of their loyalty to the Palestinians and their cause, the cause of the nation with all its parties and sides.