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Reception of the delegation of the Islamic Union for Satellite Channels

Fadlullah: We are looking forward to establishing a unified media institution that gathers all the Sunni and Shiite satellite channels

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the delegation of the Islamic Union for Satellite Channels presided by its Head, Sheikh Ali Karimian, in the presence of 14 representatives of Islamic satellite channels, including Hajj Abdallah Kaseer, the representative of Al-Manar channel. During the meeting, they discussed the concerns of the Islamic media, especially the satellite channels' concerns, the bases on which this media should be founded and the means of coordination between the Islamic media institutions vis-ŕ-vis the Western media institutions and agencies that are trying to monopolize the news and market it, in a way that serves their interests and those of the Zionist entity.

Sheikh Ali Krimian said: the aim of this visit to the Sayyed is to get to know his points of view and advice, concerning the Islamic satellite media, pointing out that the number of the channels enlisted in the Union have reached 160, and emphasizing that the Union will be represented by a television news agency that makes sure to present the right and realistic television image, aiming at breaking the Western media monopoly, which is moving under known objectives that serve the policy of international and Zionist arrogance.

His Eminence noted that the Islamic satellite channels have their message whose movement should focus on the larger image of Islam and Islamic concepts that several international media and political administrations and big institutions aimed at distorting them in their campaign that is targeting Islam in its concepts and thought and doctrinal entity… to the extent that war on Islam became a high priority in many political programs of Western administrations, even if this war is under other titles and pretexts.

He added: I have noticed that the programmed media offense launched by some Western media against Prophet Muhammad (p.) was met with applauses and with what represents a commitment state in lots of newspapers and Western institutions, which signifies that the matter of antagonizing Islam has become an adopted policy in the West, through which Westerners are meant to bear a grudge against Islam. I have also noticed that the pens or voices, which took a stand to defend Islam in its concepts and Muslims in their movement, were of individual initiatives and special cases that had their own vision and special circumstances.

He continued: On the other side, we have seen some of the Islamic media, especially those connected to the satellites, participating, whether directly or indirectly, in accomplishing the goals set by the opposing media institutions by promoting for personalities, thoughts, and concepts connected with the myth, extravagancy, and backwardness more than they are connected with Islam in its authentic concepts and promoting for their killing fanatic and sectarian culture, to the detriment of the group spirit, at the time in which Islam is confronted with the most hideous international campaign that is trying to get rid of it as an integrated entity, regardless of the movement of sects and political and doctrinal currents that it embodies.

He said that the Islamic satellite channels, and the Islamic media in general, should commit to a number of issues related to presenting the civilized glorious image of Islam to the world and to concentrating the movement of Islamic unity in all what this media produces. He also pointed out that Islamic unity is not just a slogan launched or a stand taken on the basis of personal interests of this person or this institution or this party. On the contrary, it is a firm and consistent choice which is impossible to turn away from or submit it to the flow of political circumstances and personal interests under any consideration. Thus, the considerations governing the movement of Islamic unity should be of a high priority in the Islamic media.

His Eminence emphasized that our aspiration is that the different Islamic parties seek to establish unity in their course, via a big media institution that embraces the satellite channels related to Sunnis and Shiites. This is because Islam is bigger than everyone and serving it and being loyal to it is far more important than serving trends or countries or parties and seeking to defend it and its concepts is the consistent base which is impossible to turn away from at any time or place.