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Sayyed Fadlullah received Minister Khalifah:
The Lebanese state must shoulder its responsibility towards the living issues and health dossiers

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received Minister of Health Muhammad Jawad Khalifah, and addressed the overall situation in Lebanon. Minister Khalifah briefed the Sayyed on the recent meeting by Arab health ministers and the resolutions issued, namely those regarding the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The Sayyed stressed that the Arab leaders must bear their responsibilities towards the Palestinian people, particularly what pertains to social and health aspects, after their obvious political and security shortcoming that prompted Israel to escalate its aggression on the Palestinians and depict that the war on Gaza comes in the context of the "war on terrorism". As such, Israel ignored the roots of the conflict which are basically ascribed to its occupation. The Palestinian cause is a human cause that involves all the free men in the world.

With respect to the Lebanese domestic situation, the Sayyed stressed that the Lebanese state must shoulder its responsibility towards living conditions of the Lebanese, including the health of the citizens, in addition to the people's steadfastness in the face of the enemy and its schemes, and their rights to reconstruction and developmental projects which should be distanced from political and sectarian notions. He added that these rights should not be marginalized or integrated into the political and election disagreements and games which have depleted the state and exhausted the citizens.