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Manoucheher Mottaki visited Sayyed Fadlullah 

Mottaki: The Lebanese file has proved to be a Lebanese file with distinction and Sayyed Fadlullah is an invaluable Islamic personality

The Iranian Foreign Minister, Manoucheher Mottaki, started his visit to Lebanon by visiting H.E. Sayyed Fadlullah who received him in his residence in Hart Hriek on Sunday at 3:00 pm. Mottaki was heading a delegation that included the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Muhammad Rida Shibani, and the Iranian Cultural Advisor, Said Muhammad Hussein Rais Zada, in addition to other consultants.

The meeting touched on the current Islamic and Arab situation as well as the role Iran played to bring the Lebanese viewpoints together and facilitate the conclusion of Doha agreement.

During the meeting, Sayyed Fadlullah highlighted the importance of the role the Islamic Republic of Iran played to surmount difficulties that were impeding the feuding Lebanese parties from reaching reconciliation. He also praised the Iranian permanent efforts to strengthen trust among the Lebanese parties.

The Sayyed also stressed the importance of promoting the means of cooperation between the Muslim and Arab countries on the nation's issue. He also stressed that Iran and the Saudi Arab Kingdom should continue their role in protecting the Doha agreement in addition to the efforts that have been exerted by Qatar and other Arab countries. He also called for a practical translation for this agreement in order to reach a new political phase in Lebanon based on a common understanding among the Lebanese through the participation of all parties in building a stable future for their country.  

On his part, the Iranian Minister, expressed his feeling of joy and glory for meeting Sayyed Fadlullah, emphasizing that H.E., through his noble personality and supreme position represents an invaluable Islamic treasure, not only on the level of Lebanon, but also on the Level of the entire nation.

Mottaki clarified that he has conveyed to H.E. the congratulations of the Iranian leadership and people on the commemoration of the Liberation Day and the victory of the Resistance over the Israeli enemy, as well as for the success of the big efforts that were exerted for achieving reconciliation among the Lebanese feuding parties. He also highlighted that what had happened proved that the Lebanese file is a Lebanese file with distinction and that no one can decide on the behalf of the Lebanese.

He added: We thank God for granting the Lebanese people the big leaders who enjoy awareness and wisdom, with Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, at their forefront.