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Sayyed Fadlullah called for an internal Palestinian dialogue that serves the Palestinian interests

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received Osama Hamdan, the Representative of Hamas movement in Lebanon, accompanied with Ali Baraki, the Head of the political relationships in the movement.

The meeting touched on the developments in occupied Palestine and the consequences of pacification that Israel is still trying to break by means of assassinating the Palestinian Mujahideen, in addition to the siege that is still imposed on Gaza strip, as well as the sufferings of the Palestinian people.

The meeting also discussed the internal Palestinian dialogue. In this respect, The Sayyed emphasized the necessity of seeking to find solutions for the pains of the Palestinians and ending the internal struggle that serves the Israeli interests in general. The Sayyed also stressed that no party in the dialogue should rely on others, in order to prevent any intervention in the Palestinian cause that serves the interests of the interferer.

His Eminence condemned the stands that accompanied the visit of the French President to the Israeli entity, since such stands represent a cover for the ongoing Israeli massacres against the Palestinian people, and completely agree with the American stands.

He also called upon the European Union to have an independent stand regarding the issues of the Arab and Muslim world, far away from the American stand that is against all the legitimate Muslim and Arab issues, especially liberation and confronting occupation. H.E. also reminded the French President of the principles of the French revolution that had called for the freedom of nations.