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Reception of the Iranian Ambassador

Fadlullah: The Israeli intimidations are kind of megalomania; but the insane might commit foolish acts

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Muhammad Rida Shibani, and discussed the developments of the situation in Lebanon and the region, particularly the Israeli threats posed to Iran with regard to its peaceful nuclear file, and the Arab-Iranian relations and the challenges facing the Palestinian cause at the present time and in the future.

His Eminence, the Sayyed, said during the meeting that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the Islamic position that embraces the Palestinians and supports their cause. It is a country which Israel cannot count on changing its radical position towards Palestine, a position that rests on a legitimate Islamic background and its respect for the foundations laid by Imam Khomeini, particularly in terms of adopting the cause of Jerusalem and supporting the oppressed peoples, such as the Palestinian people. Therefore, we believe that the increasing Israeli threats against Iran result from the said reasons, and because the international and regional axes feel that Iran is a country that cannot be eliminated from the equation of the region.

He added: After examining the overall situation of Iran and its various strategic capacities, we believe that the enemy cannot engage in a military adventure with it, especially since we realize that the Zionist entity is in a state of confusion seeing the circumstances and facts which make it powerless in view of the continuous scientific progress achieved by Iran at various levels. Thus, Israel is posing its threats in a megalomaniac manner, and these threats and intimidations should be monitored because insanity might lead to foolish acts that go beyond international and regional political calculations.

The Sayyed stressed the need to consider the Islamic unity as one of the key foundations within the political context and the overall Islamic movement, noting that the game of fomenting sedition between the Arabs and Iran will fail, just as other games and seditions have failed. He warned some Arab sides against being driven by the Zionist propaganda to depict Iran as a scarecrow that threatens the Arabs. He also affirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran represents the main supporter of the Arabs and their causes and it cannot thanks to its Islamic and practical considerations abandon this role. He finally called on the Arabs to deal with Iran according to these considerations and respect its role, which supports the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.