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Sayyed Fadlullah received Osama Saad

Fadlullah: The Lebanese unity, especially the Sunni and the Shiite one can bring back to Lebanon its active role

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received, MP Osama Saad, the Head of the Popular Nasserite Organization, and went over with him through the latest developments in Lebanon and Palestine, in addition to discussing the Muslim-Muslim relations and the role Sidon played for strengthening these relations.   

During the meeting, the Sayyed emphasized the necessity of preserving the unified Islamic model that Sidon has always presented in protecting the formula of the political and sectarian pluralism that represents a model which ought to be preserved as a means of protecting  the country and the South through its capital that has always been a capital for the Resistance through embracing the resistant political line and the principles of liberty, sovereignty, and independence, far away from all narrow calculations and complications that overwhelm the internal Lebanese relations.

The Sayyed also stressed that bringing back to Lebanon its normal active position on the political, economic and social levels, and to its internal solidity, could not be achieved except through the unity of its people, especially by means of the Sunni and Shiite Islamic efforts to unite, particularly in this stage in which the Western campaigns against Islam are escalating.

The meeting also touched on the Palestinian cause in which H.E. saw that the Arab countries in general are abandoning the Palestinian cause and conspiring against the Intifada to get more American certifications of moderation. He also pointed out that the game that is currently being played, is based on displacing the Palestinians inside Palestine and dispersing them outside it in an attempt to pressurize them and force them to accept the foreign proposals that are related to the security aspect more than to the political one.

H.E. also emphasized the need for cooperation between the Lebanese and the Palestinians in order to preserve the Palestinian cause in its Arab and Muslim dimensions and to work on protecting the Palestinians' social and security situation in Lebanon while preserving the Palestinian cause and establishing an internal Lebanese security and political immunity amidst the winds that are blowing on Lebanon and the region.

Following the meeting, MP Saad said:

This visit was an occasion to discuss with H.E different issues related to Lebanon, and the Arab and Muslim world. We also agree with the Sayyed on many issues, especially his statements that are admired and respected by the entire Lebanese and Arab society, in addition to that they express the will of all the Lebanese people. Besides, the Sayyed plays a big role in protecting Lebanon and preserving its national unity and we depend on his role amidst the divisions and tensions that are mostly sectarian and factional ones.