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Reception Lebanese political figures, denouncing the Gaza massacres, the internal axes

Sayyed Fadlullah followed up on the situation in Gaza and received a delegation from the Baath Party headed by Shokor:
The Israeli massacres in Gaza were approved by high-ranking international sides.

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Secretary General of the Socialist Baath Party in Lebanon, Dr. Fayez Shokor, heading a delegation from the party. The general situation in Lebanon and the Lebanon was addressed.

The talk focused on the recent Israeli threats, the ongoing ground and aerial aggression on Lebanon, in addition to the security and political motives behind these threats.

During the meeting, the Sayyed said the Israeli enemy is staging its aggression without restraints, since the UNIFIL forces are silent on Israel's air incursions and ground aggression. Besides, the United Nations and its secretary general and envoy are not addressing Israel's incursions in a decisive manner to deter the enemy from launching such an aggression.

His Eminence stressed the need for unity to face various Israeli schemes, pointing to the importance of political, diplomatic, and media mobilization in the face of this aggression, in addition to the military preparedness to encounter any adventure the enemy might ever think to stage.

Sayyed Fadlullah said the enemy is encountering an internal crisis and a continued predicament at the security level thanks to the Intifada. The enemy is also facing the burden of the forthcoming elections, in addition to its ongoing concerns about the resistance in Lebanon and its ongoing attempts to inspect the resistance's preparations and readiness to face these threats, attacks, and ambitions.

The Sayyed said the massacres perpetrated by Israel at this time were approved by high-ranking international sides, in order to force the Palestinian people to succumb through later negotiations meant to finish off the Palestinian cause entirely, especially after Israel had candidly announced that the Gaza strike aims at liquidating the Resistance. He added that these heinous massacres will not undermine the ability of the Palestinian people to resist and face the next stage with determination and firmness, to prevent Israel and the international axes, namely the administration of the Neoconservatives, to achieve their goals in forcing the Palestinian people to succumb to the settlement.

In a separate development, Sayyed Fadlullah called Sayyed Muhammad Hassan Al-Amin to check on him, and called Former minister Naji Al-Boustani.