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gaza,Receiving Arab and Lebanese political and religious figures.

After he received a delegation from the Liberation Party, Sheikh Saffar and Jiradi
Fadlullah: War on Gaza continues with new forms

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said that the Zionist offensive on Gaza had extensive purposes and ends, and that the war on the Palestinian people and their cause continues with new forms.

The Sayyed received a delegation from the Liberation Party headed by Dr. Muhamamd Jaber, discussed the overall Arab and Muslim situation, and assessed the coming period in the aftermath of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and its repercussions. The delegation thanked Sayyed Fadlullah for the letter he sent earlier to the American President Barack Obama, since his message relayed valuable political and Islamic position.

Dr. Jaber said that the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza and the collusion of some regimes with this offensive represent a new experience that should be studied from all dimensions by the Islamic jihadist movements, especially since everyone is talking about a settlement, a new trap targeting the Palestinian cause.

For his part, Sayyed Fadlullah said that the Israeli offensive on Gaza had many goals and ends, destined to target the entire nation, and pave the way for new settlements to finish off the Palestinian cause completely.

His Eminence the Sayyed also said that the war on Gaza and the Palestinian people has not ended, and is waged by different means and ways. He called on the Palestinian factions in Palestine to watch out their political steps, since the Zionist entity in collaboration with some Arab sides are setting many traps and ambushes, which represents the second phase of the recent Israeli war on Gaza, because the Israeli army wants to save it face after its defeat by the heroic resistance and the steadfast Palestinian people in Gaza.

His Eminence also received Sheikh Hassan al-Saffar, and discussed a number of Islamic and ideological issues.

The Sayyed also received Sheikh Shafiq al-Jiradi who briefed him on the arrangements for the Permanent Conference to support the resistance entitled: "Jerusalem, the resistance, in the conflict of conciseness and memory"