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Bahrain, Lebanon

Fadlullah received the Bahraini Minister of justice:
Preserve the Bahraini National Unity

The Religious Authority, H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received Sheikh Khaled bin Ali bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa, the Justice Minister of Bahrain, who was accompanied by the Bahraini Ambassador to Damascus, Mubarak As-Sulanti.

The meeting discussed the bilateral relations between Lebanon and Bahrain, and the means of promoting the relations between the two peoples.

During the meeting, H.E. emphasized the importance of strengthening relations between Muslims and preserving the Muslim unity in all countries ,especially in Bahrain. He added that the parties should cooperate to keep the Muslim  countries and the nation away from any internal turmoil, especially that we are passing through a difficult era which requires the unity of all efforts to overcome the economic, security and political crises that the Arabs and Muslims are wanted to fall under its repercussions.