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Reception of the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon

Fadlullah: Iran could not be threatened or intimidated, and today, it is stronger than ever

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, emphasized that Iran could not be intimidated and threatened, for it has never been stronger than today, calling on the western states to use an objective and realistic approach and conduct an open dialogue with it, because that would lead to positive results that would be reflected on the Islamic-western relations.

His Eminence received the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Muhammad Rida Shibani, and they discussed the general situation in Lebanon and the region, as well as the challenges facing the Islamic Republic of Iran vis--vis the threats of the Zionist enemy. Moreover, the Ambassador briefed His Eminence on the recent developments concerning the Iranian peaceful nuclear dossier, and the latest Iranian missile experiments, as well as the Iranian internal situation and the developments that followed the presidential elections.

His Eminence emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran could not be influenced by the threat language exercised by several western states that succumbed to the Israeli demands. He also pointed out that such a language would further complicate the issues in the coming negotiations round between the five plus one and Iran; which would lead to negative results on the general situation in the region and on the western interests that ought not to be tied with both the Israeli interest and the Israeli security. 

His Eminence confirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has never been stronger and more mobilized and prepared than today to confront any aggression against it, considering that any such aggression would enflame the entire region and would lead to a wide regional war that the entire world would pay its price, and not only the Arab and Islamic peoples and countries. Moreover, the impact of this war would be devastating on the western states' economies in the first place, and it would have direct repercussions on the Zionist enemy.

His Eminence emphasized that the diplomatic approach and the open and objective dialogue that take the on-the-ground facts and actual circumstances into consideration are the best means that would lead to positive results. Such results would be reflected on the Iranian - western relations or the Arab and Islamic relations with the states of the European Union and even with the United States of America whose new Administration ought to derive lessons from the results reaped by the administration of the new conservatives and not to hit insanity and return to the speech of intimidation and war and the military option as Obama has talked in the twentieth summit. They should bear in mind that these intimidations do not scare anyone anymore and they tend to undermine the poise and serene image that the American President tried to dress the American movement with in his speech in Istanbul and Cairo.