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Lebanese political meetings, receiving Samir Al-Kuntar, Gaza, Palestine

The Sayyed received the longest-held Lebanese prisoner Samir Al-Kuntar
Fadlullah: The Palestinian blood is meant to be the basis of a humiliating settlement that would be finalized after the Israeli elections

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received the longest-held Lebanese Prisoner Samir Kuntar who briefed the Sayyed on his lengthy experience in the Israeli prisons. Kuntar pointed to the internal changes that occurred to the Zionist society, saying that it is not as cohesive culturally and politically as it was when this entity was first established. He added that in return, we are not as powerless as we used to be, especially since the Palestinian cause is now in the hands of the people and the resistance and rejectionist forces.

For his part, Sayyed Fadlullah stressed on the honorable experience Al-Kuntar had gone through in the Israeli prisons amidst ongoing pressures that failed to affect his struggle and sacrifices and firmness, for the sake of the Palestinian cause. This cause represents a key pillar in the march of the nation, with the latter's continuous attempts to regain its rights and status and create a future for freedom, honor, and dignity. He also said that Al-Kuntar's experience might serve as a model for the resistance men and those seeking freedom, honor, and dignity as they can benefit from it to face the occupation, which continues to apply military pressures on the Palestinians and security and political and economic pressures on the entire nation.

His Eminence addressed the situation in Gaza, stressing that Israel's brutal pressures and ongoing massacres will fail to change the status quo in Gaza, with the people's steadfastness representing a security and strategic threat to the enemy. He stated that just as Israel failed to instigate the Lebanese people against the resistance; it will fail to instigate the Palestinian people against the resistance factions, because these honest resistance factions speak for the conscience of the Palestinian people and are rooted in their sentiments and in the heart of the Palestinian cause.

Sayyed Fadlullah also said that the international and Arab sides, together with Israel, aimed at establishing a humiliating settlement through the Palestinian blood spilled abundantly in Gaza. The Palestinian cause was meant to be liquidated, by signing a peace agreement with Israel after the Israeli elections. But the criminal Israeli leaders who caused the bloodshed and who were partners in the wars of the "grapes of wrath" and the "settling accounts", will regret their draconian offensive, because the bullets will neither make the Palestinian people succumb, nor will they help the enemy overcome its security and political predicament, despite the mammoth destruction and tragedies caused by the American-made war machine in Gaza.

He also affirmed that the ball is now at the court of the nation, this nation that has stood by the Mujahidin and embraced the Palestinian cause, even though we need a practical plan through which the resistance factions complement one another, with each playing its role alongside public protests. We are looking forward to achieving our supreme goal, by having the various Islamic movements rallying behind the jihadist and political title, in order to stage a nation-wide liberation movement to pressurize the occupation in Palestine, and the extensions of this occupation across the Arab and Islamic world.