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British Ambassador to Lebanon, the honoring of Salman Rushdie, offenses against Islam, EU, the Iranian peaceful nuclear project.

Sayyed Fadlullah received the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Francis Guy

Sayyed Fadlullah called on the British Queen to draw back the honoring of Salman Rushdie and apologize to the Muslims   

The Religious Authority, H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Francis Guy, and discussed with her the general situation in Lebanon and the regionů

The meeting also touched on the general European stand towards several regional issues, especially in occupied Palestine, in addition to the stand of the European Union (EU) regarding the Iranian peaceful nuclear project.  

The Sayyed raised with the ambassador the issue of the knighthood that the British Queen has given to Salman Rushdie, indicating that such an honor which astonished the Islamic world, especially that it represents an offense to the Muslim feelings around the world has revived this issue that represents an insult and an act of heedlessness towards the values and beliefs of one billion and a half Muslims, in addition that it constitutes an attempt to challenge their feelings.

His Eminence asked: What is the wisdom beyond reviving this issue at a time the Islamic party that is seeking to get the Muslim-Western relations out of the sphere of complications and tensions, into an open dialogue far away from the ongoing attempts to threaten the West by Islam and present it as a violent and bloody party that does not accept the other or recognize him.  

The Sayyed emphasized that what the British Queen did represents a big mistake and that she should draw back the honoring of Salman Rushdie in a way or another and apologize to Muslims, especially that this step is regarded as a part of what many Western administrations and organizations are doing to create suitable cultural and political atmospheres for who ever wants to offend Islam and Muslims, and always under the title of "protecting the freedom of expression".

His Eminence feared that such behavior might deepen the complications in the relations with the West and thus pave the way for the extremist groups to resort to additional violence under the pretext of such offenses that are raised here and there.

The Sayyed also pointed out to the recent stand of the EU countries regarding the Iranian peaceful nuclear project and called on them to get this issue out of the political sphere of American Administration pressures. He also pointed out to the fatwa issued by H.E., Sayyed Khamenaii, the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in which he decisively prohibited the production of nuclear weapons, since this stand is an explicit and a clear one that the western countries, especially the EU countries, ought to take into consideration in order to rebuild the trust with Iran based on the peacefulness of its nuclear project and far away from intimidations that are made here and there, in addition to the economic sanctions that the Muslims started to regard as ongoing attempts that aim at preventing the Muslims from developing their own abilities on the scientific and technological levels.

With respect to the Lebanese situation, H.E., said that the developments in Lebanon come in the same framework of all the developments Lebanon has witnessed since its establishment on the basis of a factional and sectarian regime, pointing out that this would keep Lebanon in the sphere of instability, but it would not lead to war even though some sectarian issues might prevail.