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Fadlullah: Obama's Administration is the one to be held responsible, from a security, political, and ethical aspect, for all the Israeli crimes the last of which was the savage attack on the Freedom Flotilla

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, saw that Obama's Administration is the one held responsible, from a security, political, and ethical aspect, for all the Israeli crimes the last of which was the savage attack on the "Freedom Flotilla".

He confirmed that the problem actually lies in the fact that the western states which fly the banner of human rights do not dare to take a conclusive stand which condemns Israel explicitly. He also confirmed that these states insist on dealing with the enemy from a position which gives it the right to violate international law, whenever it feels like it.

His Eminence received a delegation from the American Fact-Finding Committee, presided by the Head of the Committee, the former American ambassador and deputy, Eugene Beard. The delegation included a number of academics, university professors, and members of human rights organizations, accompanied by the Ambassador of the World Organization for Human Rights, Ali Akil Khalil.

His Eminence addressed the delegation: As we welcome you as a delegation that seeks finding facts in the region, we would like to confirm that the undeniable and irrefutable fact is that the Zionist entity is almost absolutely supported by the American Administration. Moreover, we consider the United States of America, mainly President Obama's Administration, the one responsible, in the first and last place, for the actions of Israel, as well as its ongoing barbaric crimes, the last of which was unprecedented throughout the world, as it targeted the "Freedom Flotilla" that sailed in a civilian protesting movement to deliver aids for the Palestinian people besieged in Gaza in a matchless big jail.

He added: Actually, we hold the American Administration responsible from a security, political and ethical aspect, for it is still making lame excuses to justify the ongoing Israeli terrorism, and tricking the Palestinians into believing that their mere participation in the indirect negotiations with the enemy will result in fruitful outcomes. In the meantime, this entity persists on its terrorist and arrogant acts, and goes forth with its colonial expansion towards the remaining Arab and Islamic blocks in Jerusalem, so as to uproot and judaize them.

He continued: The American President Obama has lured the Arabs and Muslims with his sweet talks in Istanbul and Cairo, and at the same time provided Israel with all the weapons it asks for, including anti-missile rockets, as well as political support. He also seeks to provide it with hundreds of millions of dollars, under the pretext of protecting it from any missiles that might be launched against it any time in the future, keeping in mind that he refuted the statement of the final document of the periodic Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, merely because it mentioned the enemy's entity by name and called it to join the treaty. Actually, this confirms two facts; the first is that the American President succumbs to the establishment that brought him to power, and the second is that Israel governs the United States of America and not the opposite.

His Eminence saw that the real problem lies in the fact that the Western states have colluded together to ensure that the Zionist enemy remains above international law whenever its interests necessitate so, pointing that these states have actually abandoned their slogans that call for supporting human rights and further violated them by refusing to condemn the Israeli terrorism or not daring to issue a conclusive and explicit condemnation.