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Sayyed Fadlullah received the Sudanese Envoy

Receiving the Sudanese Envoy
 Sayyed Fadlullah: Sudanese unity and Arab and Muslim support are essential to thwart the new plot

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received the Sudanese Presidential envoy Dr. Qutbi Al-Mahdi who briefed him on the latest developments on the Sudanese front following the indictment of the Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir.

Sayyed Fadlullah emphasized during the meeting the need for the Arab and Muslim position that rejects the decision of the International Criminal Court to be a strong and decisive one that would hinder the attempts to confiscate Sudan, and hinder  the targeting of the Arab countries, especially those in the opposition camp who are being targeted one after the other.

His Eminence saw that the so-called "International Community" is interested in further complicating the situation in Sudan, despite all the claims that it is concerned in the interests of the Sudanese.

The Sayyed pointed out that the problem in Sudan is not a complicated one. The Sudanese state could have solved it if it were given the freedom to, away from the American and Arrogant interferences. But the root cause of the problem lies in the American plan that aims at preventing Sudan from becoming stable and spreading chaos in it that would extend to its neighbours including Egypt as a means of increasing pressure on it. This is a part of the general American plan that aims at fragmenting the entire African continent. Sudan constitutes an ideal fertile ground for implementing this plan, especially that some of the groups taking part in the Sudanese troubles are associated with the Zionist Entity and some international arrogant axis.

The Sayyed emphasized that the Arab and Muslim states should shoulder their responsibility in standing with Sudan to regain its strength and immunity in confronting the international conspiracies. He pointed out that the unity of the Sudanese and the support of Arabs and Muslims to its cause is the main weapon that Sudan possesses to fight the American Arrogant project that is trying to build a new basis in Sudan having failed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon.