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Fadlullah received a delegation from Islamic At-Tawhid Movement

Sayyed Fadlullah: Pacification on the popular level should accompany that on the official one

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah emphasized the need to pacify the popular front and refrain from inciting it whether by the rhetoric or by other means including the Media. The Sayyed stressed the need to give utmost importance to the internal Islamic dialogue, emphasizing the constant principles that join between Muslims, especially that several accusations which are raised have been resolved by the researchers a long time age.

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received the Secretary General of the Islamic Tawhid Movement, Sheikh Bilal Said Shaban, heading a delegation from the movement, and discussed with them several general Islamic issues, especially the situation in the North. Sheikh Shaban emphasized that there are some marginal issues that are blown up to give an incorrect idea of the situation in the North. He also talked about the need to work for unity on the Islamic and national levels.

Sayyed Fadlullah emphasized the great importance of Islamic dialogue to study the basis that join between  Muslims, and pave the way to correct the wrong views which some parties have acquired about the others.

The Sayyed said that there are ,in the Islamic world in general and in Lebanon in particular, a lot of misunderstandings about the beliefs of the other parties.

Some of these accusations are not true and have been proved so by the researches made by Muslim scholars. The issue of having a clear idea about the Islamic concepts of Muslims is very important, since it builds a solid base for unity on the basis of the common Islamic constants.

The remaining issues that Muslims might differ on, might be the subject of the dialogues , whether these dialogues are Sunni-Sunni or Shiite-Shiite, or between the two sects. Such dialogues  could explain and resolve these differences in a way that does not deviate from the Islamic and Quranic principles.

H.E. warned against the way certain media outlets are blowing up marginal issues and reducing the significance of important ones, which increases the dissensions and affect not only the Muslims' internal relations, but also the interests of the country in general. The media should shoulder it responsibilities in not increasing the tension on the popular level, since it is very important to pacify the people by means of a calm and unifying discourse that accompanies the pacifications on the official level.