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Fadlullah received MP Sukariyya and Al-Dawood and a delegation from Beirut and Tripoli:
Gaza united the nation in the face of attempts to provoke sectarian strife


The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said that a new wave of attack is staged against the nation, in which international intelligence apparatuses collaborate with the Israeli intelligence to stir up new conflicts inside the Sunni and Shiite circles, adding that his attack aims at provoking a intra-Islamic sectarian strife at a later stage.

He stressed that Gaza unified the nation and aroused the Arab and Islamic sentiments, with the nation manifesting unity in the face of attempts to instigate a sectarian and partisan strife. He also highlighted the need for us as Muslims, Christians, and citizens to unite in the face of the projects of hegemony and occupation.

The Sayyed received MP Ismail Sukariya and addressed the overall situation in Lebanon and the near-term developments in the region in light of the events taking place on the Palestinian arena and the carnage perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza.  

Sayyed Fadlullah said that Gaza does not represent a Palestinian geographic region any more, as it has become at the heart of the Arab and Islamic cause and it managed to unite the nation despite all the attempts of the arrogant powers to provoke disagreements in the Islamic and Arab world.

He stressed that Gaza aroused the Arab and Islamic sentiments, with the nation manifesting unity in the face of attempts to provoke sectarian and partisan strife witnessed among various sides. He noted that the events in Gaza must be an opportunity for the advocates of Jihad and liberation to unite in the face of the occupiers, instead of holding each others as infidels.

His Eminence also received Former MP Faysal al-Dawood and discussed the overall situation in Lebanon, in addition to a number of issues pertaining to Rashaya and West Bekaa.  

His Eminence also received Dr. Zuheir al-Khatib heading a delegation from Beirut National Center. The Islamic-Islamic and national relations were discussed, where Fadlullah said that all sides must work to secure Beirut to be a unifying center and a symbol for coexistence. He pointed out that many challenges are engulfing the nation, the chief of which is the situation in Gaza. For this reason, we must unite as Muslims, Christians, and Lebanese citizens to face this challenge.

His Eminence added: "The continuous developments in the entire region and various Arab and Islamic places revealed that the conflict does not pertain to a Sunni-Shiite dispute, but to the cause of the nation and its future and the cause of Islam as a religion and Shariah and the plots against it. In addition to the vicious attack on our nation and people, namely in Palestine, many continued attempts are carried out by international intelligence apparatuses with the collaboration of the Israeli intelligence to provoke new disputes among the Sunnis and the Shiites, in order to weaken the nation and consecrate the occupation and hegemony.

His Eminence received a delegation from the Islamic Education Bureau and a delegation from Al-Tawhid Radio, and addressed a number of Islamic issues inside Tripoli in specific. He also received a delegation of Beirut Committees headed by Walid Al-Khatib.