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Man is the Source of Good and Evil of His Actions

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 12 Muharram  1430 H, 9th January  2009 A.D.

Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer 

The First Sermon

Corruption is made by man

 Allah, the most exalted, says in His Glorious Book: Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of what the hands of men have wrought, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return.

 Allah, the Most Exalted, stresses in this Ayat, that all kinds of social, economical, political or other corruptions that happen in this world and that are manifested by man's transactions and relations, the suffering and pains of community, or economic collapses, are the responsibility or man.

Allah, the Most Exalted,  has drawn to man a straight line that opens up on all spiritual values that are based on belief in loving Him and fearing His wrath, as well as the moral values that control Man's personal and social movement. (and asked him to follow it . Corruption will take place if he chooses not to).

 Therefore, man is responsible for whatever happens to him in his private and public life.

Thus, we cannot, as some do, claim that Allah is directly responsible  for all that happens to man . He is responsible  for the entire universe, and He has set a system for man to follow in this life, but when man deviates from this line,  corruption will take place, even though Allah knows about it.

Responsibility of change and reform

Man is the one who makes corruption just as he makes righteousness. That is why the Prophets have called on their nations to seek to be righteous. The Quran quotes one of these Prophets as saying: I desire nothing but reform so far as I am able.

I want to reform you and make righteousness as the dominant factor in your society to achieve good, production and peace. The same thing is true when we read that Imam Hussein (a.s.)'s goal was to reform his grandfather's nation.

In the Holy Quran we read Allah's saying: Allah does not change a people's lot unless they change what is in their hearts .Allah wants us to know that it is man that makes change in his relations with others and in all life.

Allah , the Most Exalted,  might decide to take away His economic or social graces in case the people's  behaviour changes and they choose the path of corruption. Because Allah will never change the grace which He hath bestowed on a people until they change what is in their (own) souls . Allah wants to say to man: Change yourself, you change your reality which is  a product of how you plan to move in your life. In the same context Allah says: And Allah sets forth a parable: (Consider) a town safe and secure to which its means of subsistence come in abundance from every quarter; but it became ungrateful to Allah's favors, therefore Allah made it to taste the utmost degree of hunger and fear because of what they wrought.

In the light of this, to perform a practical (on the ground) reform, we have to change the mentality of humanity to become one of good and not evil, one of justice and not oppression, and one of reform and not corruption.

Undermining the Right

Allah, the Most Exalted,  wants to clarify to us that one of the reasons of the general collapse of the nation is the internal differences such as sectarian differences in the same religion or political differences in the same nation as well as social differences in the same community. These differences turn into a state of weakness and to, as the Messenger said, the victory of falsehood over the right No nation differed after its Prophet, except that the people of falsehood from it, gained ascendancy over its people of truth since any internal difference would preoccupy the nation and takes her away from its fundamental cause, thus losing the element of strength it possess. And this is what the Muslim nation faced when its political and religious leaders differed and each sought to establish his position whether social financial or political. We also read that the Prophet (p) said that Allah, the most exalted, does not punish the public for what the elite does, unless they see evil among them, and they are able to denounce it but they do nothing.  He will punish both parties when falsehood spreads though permitting what is prohibited and committing sins and inciting differences that create enmity and hatred among Muslims. Nevertheless, the leaders that are able to make the people aware of that falsehood and call on the people to change abstain from performing their duties. Each one of these leaders would instead think of his own interests away from the public interest, with some of those holding religious positions even feeling that it is the responsibility of the people to come to them.

That is why we notice that several religious or Islamically cultural personalities have not made any effort towards change, especially to fight the differences that make Muslims curse and kill one another. And this is what we are facing now with the Takfiris who profess the two testimonies but who bomb the Muslims who visit the Imams' shrines, instead of fighting the American and Zionist occupation.

The Messenger (p.) differentiates between disobeying God, the most exalted, behind closed doors and disobeying Him in public, and expresses his belief that if a  sin  is done secretly it only hurts the one who commits it, while if it is done in public without  the sinner being told to change, it will hurt all the public. It is as if one eats some poisoned food, he will be the only one who is hurt, but if he serves it in a restaurant all the people who eat from it will be hurt.

Imam Ali (a.s) says the Muawiyah's army will defeat his army because they will apply the system their leader has set for them, although it is false, while they would not although it is the right path. He also told the commanders of his army that: those before you were perished because they denied the people their rights and they (the people ) had to buy it although they were righteous: By Allah in Whose power my life lies, these people (Muawiyah and his men) will overcome you not because they have a better right than you but because of their hastening towards the wrong with their leader and your slowness about my right (to be followed.

These rights are trusts left with the responsible and they have to be given back to them freely. But they had to buy them by means of bribery. Those leaders were corrupt and followed their whims and instincts, and they ruled the people by falsehood so that they (the people) emulated it. Meaning that they made falsehood the basis of life in both the Shariah and in public life, to the extent that the next generation followed the falsehood of their fathers believing it to be the right, since they were used to it and educated on it.

The corrupt power

When we read our security and political and economic reality as well as the world reality, we find that the crises that shake the world are caused by the dominance of corruption in the higher positions. The financial crisis that shook the world is the result of the corruption of political and economic American institutions.

This crisis hit Europe as well, which made them seek the help of the Arab funds, which is very regretful, since some of the Arab rulers gave them the funds they asked for, this denying their people the benefits of this wealth.

Similarly when we study the problems in our Muslim and Arab world, including the Zionist – Jewish occupation that some of our world suffers from, we find that the corruption of the politicians has created a state of political and military weakness when it comes to confronting the enemy. The same thing applies to the economic crises in several countries including Lebanon, which is the result of stealing the nation's wealth by the rulers, with nobody daring to hold them accountable, since the law is applied on the poor and downtrodden only and not on the rich and powerful.

Thus, we have to enjoin the good and denounce falsehood with all the strength we have; we have resort to power, freedom, pride and strength to face the oppressors and deviators. And say: Work; so Allah will see your work and (so will) His Messenger and the believers.

The Second Sermon


Gaza: a new resistance model

The barbarian Israeli aggression on Gaza enters its second week inflicting 800 martyrs and more than 3000 wounded, without achieving any of the goals it aimed at and without undermining the morale and steadfastness of the Resistance which gave the Arabs and the Muslims a second model, following the Lebanese one, in holding fast and in the creative Jihad that aims it, undermining the enemy's plots and lays the foundations of victory.

Having failed to achieve its goals as a result of the resistance's steadfastness, the Israeli killing machine widened the scope of its massacres, and  did not even exclude the UNRWA schools, in a brutal repetition of the Qana massacre, and in a sense of competition between the enemy's leaders on who is the most brutal murderer who would  kill   women, children and the elderly, and eradicate complete families and use the most annihilating American weapons including phosphoric weapons that are internationally banned.

Faced by this Israeli incompetence in the face of a legendary Resistance that created a rising glory for the Arabs and Muslims, the Arab official regime hid behind the massacre lines. It even made itself a mediator between the resistance and occupation, presenting booby-trapped initiatives that are meant to put the resistance in a difficult and critical situation as a prelude to drive it out from the political stage. This Arab official regime did not even talk about the Israeli occupation as the essential problem that commits continuous carnages which did not even shake its conscience.

As we stress, based on our information and on what we know about the firmness of the Gaza Mujahideen, that the enemy is not capable of triumphing over the Palestinian resistance and that it will later pay a political price, we call on the free vanguard of the nation to exert more pressure on the rulers, and to provide every support for its heroic and wonderful resistance. We also call on our Muslim and Arab peoples to continue to refuse any peace with the barbarian Jews, since they are responsible for the most heinous crimes on earth.

We call on the Palestinian resistance factions, who have been subjected to the most sever pressures from enemies and friends – to be aware that many of the Arab regimes are not neutral in the war against them. They form with the enemy a single political operation room to attack the Palestinian resistance politically, since the enemy was unable to defeat it on the battlefield.

We want our Arab and Muslim peoples that have proved their loyalty and commitment to keep on their movements in the streets relentlessly, since applying pressure on these defeatist regimes is an indirect pressure on the occupation itself. They should also know the meaning of the Israeli America which provides cover to the ugliest Israeli carnages, and its denial of human rights and international law, as well as the basic humanitarian principles which the American president Bush presented himself for 8 years, as a messenger sent from God to champion their cause.

Resolution 1860 : a new opportunity for Israel

The American Ambassador to the UN, who is respected by many Arab officials, is more Jewish than the Jews and more Israeli than the Israelis. The only instructions his government provides him with, are those of the Israeli war cabinet. Therefore, we believe that the Arabs who gave the enemy two whole weeks to go on with its massacres, knew, when they went to the Security Council following all their political manoeuvring and deceit, that they are going to the Americans who defend the Israelis and not to the United Nations.

Moreover, when the Security Council issued its ceasefire resolution (1860) it made it unbinding to the Israelis, to give them more time to carry on their aggression despite all what some of the Arabs say that they have done their duty towards the Palestinians.

We see in all what is happening an American war on the resistance in Palestine, just as it was, and still is, in Lebanon. And just as America represents the political and military arm that supports the Israelis, Israel too represents the American military Arm against all the free people in the world. There are no two other parties in the world that formed an alliance to commit terrorism than the Americans and the Israelis  .

The American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan nourishes from the Zionist occupation of Palestine, just as the Israeli occupation nourishes from the American occupation that tries to strengthen its relations with the Arabs official regimes, whenever it is besieged by the resistance.

The EU states that have presented Israel, a few weeks ago, with a critical political gift, when it raised the level of their relations with Israel – these states have deserved a new aggression medal. We have listened to the French, German and British officials as they disavowed all human rights and the slogans of the French revolution and the resistance against the Nazi, when they tried to hold the Resistance factions in Palestine responsible for the carnages committed by Israel – instead of shouldering their historical and moral responsibility for all the tragedies they have made the Palestinians and all our people fall in.

All of us should know that what is going is not a war on Gaza alone, but rather an international offensive against the entire Muslim and Arab liberation movements. Therefore, these movements ought to consolidate their relations and try to formulate a platform of comprehensive resistance. The cultural and political elites regardless of their sects and variations should educate the nation on the resistance and concentrate on the comprehensive liberation awareness so that the great tragedies of the Palestinians will turn into a dawn of freedom and liberation for the entire nation.

Consolidating the Resistance

In Lebanon, we have to continue to embrace the resistance and the line of opposition in the face of what the Israeli America is planning for of resuming its gradual war against the resistance in Lebanon and the region. Lebanon should continue to support the Palestinian cause, and the Palestinian legal and legitimate right in their country, so that all of Palestine, from the sea to river, would be the land of the Palestinian state that will be established on the ruins of occupation and of the usurping entity.

We also have to confront this critical and complicated stage by strengthening our national  unity , and bringing  down all who try to incite strife, or deviate our march away from the line of solidarity and support to the Arab and Muslim causes, especially that of Palestine.