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Consequences of harming others

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Rabi' El-Thani, 14th 1430 H. - April, 10th 2009. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The First Sermon

Concurrence of peace and belief

Allah says in his Glorious Book: "And those who speak evil things of the believing men and the believing women without their having earned (it), they are guilty indeed of a false accusation and a manifest sin." (33:58).

The Islamic code of ethics emphasizes that the Muslim should not deal with other people except with good and peace. People should feel that he cares about them and respects their privacies and appreciates their circumstances. A Muslim does not hurt others, and the Messenger (p.) has said that the Muslim is the one whom other Muslims are safe from his hand and tongue. His hand does not do anything that hurts others in their property and honor, while his tongue does not hurt others by showing their defects or flaws, whether as a result of a psychological complex, or a certain social state.

This verse stresses the negative aspect of those who live in a Muslim community, but commit slander and focus on the believers' shortcomings, whether personal or social, mostly as a result of a psychological complex. In this respect, Allah, the Most Exalted, did not differentiate between a believing man and a believing woman, or between a relative and a stranger. It is not permissible for a husband to hurt his wife in any way, including hitting, cursing, humiliating, kicking her out of the house or anything that might violate her dignity. Parents are not allowed to hurt their children in any way, as we see in cases whereby parents interfere in the affairs of their children, confusing their lives and complicating their relations with their spouses and families. It is also impermissible for the wife to complicate her husband's relations with his family and all those whom he deals with. Allah says: those who speak evil of the believing man and woman without their having earned (it) – this does not include self-defense, for self-defense is a legitimate and legal right – they are guilty indeed of a false accusation and a manifest sin.

Harm negates belief

The Messenger of Allah (p.) said: "He who hurts a believer, hurts me". This is because the Prophet (p.) considers himself to be responsible of all believers, men and women, being his family and friends.

Imam Ali (a.s.) says: "It is not permissible for a Muslim to terrify a Muslim" – frightening him and making him feel hurt and insecure or unsafe. Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) says: "Allah, The Most Exalted, has said: He who hurts any believing servant should expect a war from me", which is a very tough warning, for what can be worse than such a war, which no one could bear?

The Messenger (p.) has also said: "Whoever frightens a believer with a forceful look would be frightened by Allah on the day of Judgment". In another tradition, the Messenger (p.) says: "Allah, the Most Exalted, said: He who contracts the enmity of a friend of Mine - looks at the believer in contempt - then I will wage war against him. The Messenger (p.) also said: "He who saddens a believer by insulting or hurting him… and gives him the world, it would not be enough, and he would not be rewarded" - for nothing compensates for this grief.

Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) considered the pious people to be those who do not harm even ants, while the Messenger (p.) says that the most humiliated will be the one who insults others, for Allah will put him in the Hereafter in the lowest humiliating level.

The reward of not hurting others

The Prophet (p.) guides us in one of his sayings to the rewards of not hurting others and how Allah, the Most Exalted, rewards such a behavior. He says: "Do not harm others, for this is a charity to yourself", on which you will be rewarded. Imam Zein El-Abideen (a.s.) says: "Not hurting others is a sign of the perfection of the mind - since your mind tells you that if you hurt people, you will be bringing upon yourself hatred and malice. But if you do not hurt people, you will live with them in peace and harmony – and it will sooner or later bring rest to your body". Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) says: "He who keeps his hand off people, he would be keeping off one hand, while they will keep off several hands". Imam Ali (a.s.) says: "The believer is the one whose soul is tired from him – because he is always in struggle with himself – while the people are at ease towards him".

Tolerating harm

There are certain cases where man struggles for a certain cause or religion. When he starts to call for his cause or message, he might be hurt by those who oppose his message or cause. Some of these fighters for their cause might tolerate this harm, while others might not. How then, does Allah present this case? He, the Most Exalted, says:  

"And among men is he who says: We believe in Allah; but when he is persecuted in (the way of) Allah he thinks the persecution of men to be as the chastisement or Allah; and if there come assistance from your Lord, they would most certainly say: surely we were with you. What! Is not Allah the best knower of what is in the breasts of mankind?"(29:10). In another verse, Allah talks to us about those who were tolerant. He says:

"Therefore, who fled and were turned out of their homes and persecuted in My way and who fought and were slain, - what is their reward? - I will most certainly cover their evil deeds, and I will most certainly make them enter gardens beneath which rivers flow; a reward from Allah, and with Allah is yet better reward" (3:195). Among these people are those who carry the Message of the Right and are harmed by those who are fanatic and hurt and isolate the followers of Ahl Al-Beit, just because they stand with the right. Among the patient also are those who are imprisoned by the enemy like those whom the usurping Jews have imprisoned in Palestine, as well as those who are imprisoned by tyrant rulers. They are all included in this verse and promised by the same reward, provided that they have been devoted in their struggle and opposition.

There is a verse that addresses the Prophet (p.) who used to face the kinds of harm by the idolaters who stood against him and fought him:

"Rejected were the messengers before thee: with patience and constancy they bore their rejection and their wrongs, until Our aid did reach them: there is none that can alter the words (and decrees) of Allah. Already hast thou received some account of those messengers" (6:34). It is narrated that the Messenger (p.) has said: "No messenger was hurt in Allah more than me".

When the believers in this age say the word of truth, struggle for the cause of Allah and fight the arrogant and the unbelievers, demanding justice for all… When these believers are hurt by the tyrannical and arrogant powers, they have to bear and not fall down. The believer is the strong and firm in his belief and in himself. And surely the victory (aid) of Allah will come eventually. He, the Most Exalted, tells us about the believers that were shaken, as with earthquakes. He says:

"Or do you think that you would enter the garden while yet the state of those who have passed away before you have not come upon you; distress and affliction befell them and they were shaken violently, so that the Messenger and those who believed with him said: When will the help of Allah come? Now surely the help of Allah is nigh!" (02:214)

Thus, we have to be steadfast and tolerate all harm, for Allah is with those who are patient…

The Second Sermon

The Enemy's new government incitation

 Several Arab officials have shown that they are in a hurry to open dialogue with the new government of the enemy, and even with Lieberman, the most significant symbol of extremism and aggression in this government. Some of them have secretly informed the Israelis that they are ready to forget everything, including Lieberman's threat to destroy the High Dam, and his personal attack on one of the Arab presidents…

These are the Arab "morals" and "values" that drive some of them to extend their hands to the head of the Zionist diplomacy who has renewed the talk about preparing for war and the rejection of the "Road Map" and the "Annapolis" decisions, all this at a time the Israelis continue to incite against Iran whose only guilt is that it has closed the enemy's embassy and flew the Palestinian flag in Tehran, as well as supporting the Palestinian people and their central cause, in addition to offering to share with the Arab and Muslims states all their scientific progress, especially in the peaceful nuclear field.

It is quite an irony that the enemy continues – through its new Prime Minister – to incite against Iran, citing its nuclear file in the international circles and the EU states and urging the Americans to take hostile measures against it. In the meantime, some Arab personalities, and some of the agencies associated with them continue their attack on Iran without taking into consideration the higher Muslim and Arab interests and without studying the general situation or the developments. They also insist on following the American Israeli instructions, despite all the disappointment that the enemy has been inflicted with in the last few years and the big problems the United States has suffered from in several domains.

We expected from the Arabs, in their official positions and responding to some international voices that call for getting rid of nuclear weapons, including the speech of the American President himself, to bring up—through a carefully-studied political and media plan—the issue of the huge Israeli nuclear arsenal that represents a continuous threat to their security, and the international security, especially that Israel continues to use the language of force and aggression, and shows off its military muscles and rocket experiments, and threatens and intimidates, without hearing any words of denouncement or condemnation like those addressed to North Korea after its last rocket experiment.

Israel: The state of moving war

It is time for the Arabs and Muslims, and the leaders enthroned in their countries to realize that Israel is the state of war that moves from one generation to another. Its society only produces leaders who make war in every stage of its strategy that does not make way for the birth of any Palestinian state, as much as it does not respect any Arab initiative. In addition, it does not treat the Arabs, especially those who try to gain its friendship and respect, but with despite. Moreover, it only understands the language of resistance that, had the Arabs made good use of, Palestine would have already become in the hands of its people and the Arabs would have been in another position at the level of the entire region and they would not have begged others to give them some of their influence or not to confiscate their decisions.

The Arab regimes—in their successive models—have dropped the so-called mutual defense treaty, the way they had dropped the issue of boycotting the enemy, for they do not believe in defending their countries, including the holy land in Jerusalem,. Their markets imported the Israeli goods in a direct or indirect way and their financial machine embarked upon supporting the American and European economies through their funds, most of which were crushed in the mill of the savage globalization system, at the time that their people suffer from poverty, hunger, and tragedy… The Arab reality has reached the level in which Arab financial shares and stocks fall like autumn leaves, just as their political shares in the international political bourse fall. This is due to the fact that they have distanced their peoples from the arena of jihad and giving, and they have surrendered to the policy of submission and humiliation that produces only failure and collapse, the same way as dictatorial regimes only produce repression and continuous states of emergency that are meant to trap breaths and thoughts in the bottle of injustice and the tunnels of repression.

We want the Arabs to move forward with their causes and the regimes to listen to the pulse of their peoples and embark on the journey of the thousand miles that starts with searching for themselves and their very existence and future, before the feet of the nations, that take only their interests into consideration and regard others in terms of numbers and facts, step over them.

Popular ignorance and suicidal operations

On the other hand, this nation that was inflicted with corrupt rulers was also inflicted, at the popular level, with ignorant and blind deceived and spiteful people who blow themselves up amongst their people and brothers in the mosques and the streets, under the sectarian pretext at times, and under the political pretext at others. So, the tragedy extends from Pakistan to Iraq, represented in women or young boys, who aim, by their booby-trapped bodies, at splintering the bodies of those who are praying in mosques and other religious sanctuaries, instead of targeting the occupying entity in its sites, vehicles, and patrols…

We believe that this issue is one of the most dangerous issues and huge ordeals that necessitates a massive movement by Muslim religious scholars of different sects and jurisprudential scools to confront this phenomenon that could scorch the Islamic world and render our countries a hostage for the external occupation and internal disruption.

Obama's multi-directional messages

On another level, the visit of the American President to the region, specifically Turkey, has left lots of impressions and aroused many issues in the messages that Obama had sent in more than one direction. And at the time we are still awaiting actions that follow the previous and following sayings, we wonder about what the American President has meant when he said that the peace in the region "can be accomplished if both parties, the Palestinians and the Israelis, offered concessions."

The entire world is aware that the Palestinians and Arabs have submitted everything possible, whereas Israel submitted nothing, without anyone in the vast Western world demanding that it should recognize the rights of the Palestinian people and even without having anyone raising, in the face of its new government, the concept of the two states that it had already declared that it rejects and that it does not accept any political instructions from the Obama Administration or others… The Palestinians have offered everything, are they now asked to give up their lives and existence to receive a new badge of honor from the new American administration that says they are moderate and tolerant?!

Lebanon: The electoral game coma

As for Lebanon, the Lebanese have entered into the state of the coma of the electoral game, whose true destination and semi-conclusive results are already known by many people, especially that the confessional leaders who supervise it have the power of imposing their candidates on the people. This might result in preventing the experts and knowledgeable people in politics, law, and legislation from entering the electoral arena, the thing which might subjugate the new Parliament to certain names that control its legislations, at the time that some of these yield to regional or international axes that impose on them some candidates and their policies and strategies as well. This is what makes the Lebanese reality mark time, as a result of the mentalities of those who got addicted to thinking in a certain way, or got lost in their traditional political movement in the parliamentary statements they repeat, in humiliation, what they are supposed to say in public. Lebanon, in its political composition, will remain the country of political tensions and obsessions that is deprived of quietude, stability, and civil peace that will continue to be vulnerable, especially when they will discuss whether to enter or not the coming government of national unity … The issue is that the rhetoric of the political statements is based on the concept of the confessional Lebanon and not Lebanon the homeland that the confessional regime has turned into un-united states.