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Man Is Responsible for Corruption

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

His Eminence, Sayyed Ali Fadlullah, delivered the two Friday prayer sermons on behalf of his father, His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Thul-Hijja, 24th 1430 H. - December, 11th 2009. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The First Sermon

Man causes corruption

Allah says in His Glorious Book: "Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of what the hands of men have wrought, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return." (30:41).

Allah points out in this verse that there is a strong connection between people's deeds, sayings, relations, and private and public situations on the one hand, and their negative and positive results, on the other hand. The hardships that befall on people are not Allah's punishment to them, but rather they are connected to man's general conduct, knowing that they are the natural results for such conduct.

All the political problems, economic crises, diseases, wars, and insecurity, as well as anything that might corrupt the land at the security, social, economic, health, and intellectual levels are inflicted on man as a result to his mischief. The universal law Allah has made all the universe governed by has made man responsible for his actions, since he is the one who commits mistakes once he abstains from shouldering his responsibility and drifts away from the spiritual and moral values Allah has ordered him to follow.

Oppression: A cause for corruption

Corruption could be witnessed nowadays in the state our world has reached and that is represented by the international economic crisis, and the acts of killing and fomenting strife executed by the occupation forces and intelligence agencies, as well as the tyrant rule of the oppressive rulers who exploit and suppress their people in the Arab and Islamic countries and elsewhere, in addition to the contemporary crisis of climate change that is the result of man's abuse of the blessings Allah has bestowed on humans, in a way that it would lead to great catastrophes if it is not dealt with right away.

Allah has confirmed this issue in the following verse: "And Allah sets forth a parable: (Consider) a town safe and secure to which its means of subsistence come in abundance from every quarter; but it became ungrateful to Allah's favors, therefore Allah made it to taste the utmost degree of hunger and fear because of what they wrought." (16:112). Moreover, He confirms that man is the one who can induce change through his will and actions, for He says: "Surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition." (13:11).

Ali (a.s.)'s teachings on corruption

Imam Ali (a.s.) talked about the corruption that might inflict the world and its inhabitants in the following tradition: "Know that – may Allah have mercy on you – you are living at a time when those who speak about right are few, when tongues are loath to utter the truth – the right and honesty are lacked in man's life; as in many of our social, political, and economic situations…etc. to the extent that trusting people has become hard – and those who stick to the right are humiliated – for people generally are acting in accordance with falsehood, rendering the right a stranger to them, and those who stick to the right become humiliated. The people of this time are engaged in disobedience – we see, nowadays, how abomination is spread amongst people and in the media and several social conditions they have legislated. We can also see how they usurp each others' money by means of falsehood, usury, and cheating, and how deceit and lying have become part of the political movement, and how it has become natural for the officials and people to steal the public money in the way they run their affairs, and how simple it has become to collaborate with the occupation and foment sedition and fanaticism! Their youths are wicked – of a bad conduct – their old men are sinful – they do not feel shy for their shameful acts, disrespecting the poise of their age – their learned men are hypocrites – they are found in huge numbers in all religions and sects, to the extent that people no more feel safe for their religion from those who pretend to be religious men or clerics – and their speakers are sycophants – beyond their amiability and friendliness there exists cheating; thus, they would not reflect true brotherhood and devotion in their relations with people. Their young do not respect their elders – pointing out to the social defect of losing their respect to the social leaders; those who enjoy the elements of balance and integrity would no more enjoy any influence on the society's movement – and their rich men do not support the destitute" – this takes place when people no longer feel responsible for the poor and deprived classes, be they in our societies or in the entire world. The result would be more humanitarian tragedies and catastrophes as a result of hunger all over the world.

In another reported tradition, Imam Ali (a.s.) says: "World and religion are based on four pillars: A scholar who uses his knowledge, an ignorant man who does not disdain to learn, a generous man who is always ready to help, and a poor man who does not exchange his Afterlife for this World. If the scholar loses his knowledge, the ignorant will disdain to learn. If the rich withholds his favors, the poor will exchange his Afterlife for this World."

Reform depends on man's will    

O beloved ones! Man is the one who should shoulder the responsibility of the corruption that might take place. Reform depends on man's own will, so if people support the oppressors, corruptors, burglars, and criminals, they ought not to expect any kind of reform at the political, economic, or security levels…etc. for that is actually against Allah's set course, for He says: "For you shall not find any alteration in the course of Allah; and you shall not find any change in the course of Allah." (35:43).

The Second Sermon


Occupation on the entire Palestinian land

In Palestine, the features of the enemy's strategic plot are unfolding day after day. This plot aims at imposing a fait accompli which erases Palestine from the geographical and political map, leaving Israel as a Jewish state to be established on the entire usurped Palestinian lands, especially after the enemy's parliament has approved a bill that decrees not to return any land to the Arabs unless it is agreed on by a referendum, anticipating the results of any future negotiations that might take place.

Arab and international collusion

Meanwhile, the Arab and Islamic nations are unfortunately not concerned except with presenting to the enemy the realistic cover to go on forth with its aggressive schemes against the Palestinians and the entire nation, knowing that the world, which considers itself civilized, lacks any moral sense. At a time this world tries to protect the Israelis from any conviction for their ongoing war crimes, it embarks on engaging the enemy's entity in the NATO's patrols taking place in the Mediterranean Sea and enflaming strife in several Arab states, so as to secure a favorable climate for the enemy to execute its schemes and enhance its force, just as it did before and after 1948 in order to consecrate the presence of this entity.

Therefore, the Palestinians have no other choice but to work on establishing their national unity and to re-launch the resistance as an alternative for being crushed by the enemy and succumbing to its will and to America's.

The divided Arab reality

Consequently, we are able to understand the acts of enflaming strife and wars and nourishing the internal divisions taking place in the Arab and Islamic world, starting from Yemen in which we do not notice any effort exerted at the Arab and Islamic levels, especially from the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to quench the raging fires, but rather we notice that certain parties embark on adding fuel to the fire by presenting new obstacles that keep the dossier open on war and strife…Then they pass by Somalia where the international arrogance strives hard to undermine its unity and stability so as to accomplish several strategic gains against the Arab and Islamic world, in addition to looting its wealth and further dividing and fragmenting it, repeating the Somali scenario in certain parts of Sudan in a way or another. Finally, we reach Iraq that has recently stepped into very dangerous situations, as a result of five savage explosions that resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of people and that were executed in the same day by Takfiri and criminal forces that serve the occupation only.

Lebanon: The option of unity

At the Lebanese level, we believe that the role of the religious and political authorities ought to be concerned basically with protecting the country, by seeking to preserve its political and popular unity at the internal level, so as to be able to confront the external enemy's threats that aim at undermining civil peace by means of an army of collaborators and intelligence agencies working for its benefit and operating throughout the country and at the level of all confessions.

What is required is to initiate a solid and firm internal unifying stand in the face of the enemy that is actually threatening to resort to the war option when it talks about the collapse of the 1701 Resolution. Moreover, the political campaigns conducted and directed against the resistance and its arms will not put an end to this option; therefore, we ought to send conclusive messages that confirm that Lebanon will act as a cohesive unit at the level of the government and the people to face any foolishness the enemy might commit to return Lebanon to its past political situations.