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The Moral Guide of Ahl el-Beit
Do not let anger control you

The Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 14th March 2008 A.D, 6 Rabi'I 1429 H, several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The First Sermon

The evils of Anger:

The Islamic moral system has discussed the possible reactions of some people when they are angered whether by a provoking word, action or a physiological situation. This could be inside the household, when the spouse or the children would use acute words, or in the society when certain negative incidents might lead the individual to react in a violent way.

He would feel anger and curse, hit or even divorce his wife. Things might even get out of control and he might kill especially if he is armed.

This phenomenon might be common among those who are emotional and irrational …those when angered will get angry, and those who might believe that getting angry when one is angered is a moral value, considering one who does not get angry when angered as an "ass", meaning that one has, when angered, to respond in every possible way hitting cursing and even killing.

Such reactions could ruin the families especially when one of the spouses is easily provoked.

Such a state of anger might lead on a bigger scale, for example, in a tribal based community, to a war among tribes if someone of a certain tribe says something bad about someone especially the leader or the other tribe. This is what is happening in our contemporary world, including international relations where we find relations between two countries are affected by a bad word that the leader of one country says about the head of the other, who will then boycott the political and economic relations with the other country, although we believe that personal issues should not affect national issues.

Controlling Anger

The Messenger used to tell those who asked him for advice that they should control their anger. The Quran considered the restrain of one's anger as one of the trait of the pious and those who restrain (their) anger and pardon men; and Allah loves the doers of good (to others). Those are they on whom are blessings and mercy from their Lord, and those are the followers of the right course (3:134) meaning that if you restrain your anger and resort to tolerance and patience when angered, Allah will consider you  among the pious who deserve to go to Heaven. But there are some people who only talk about the need to express the anger even if it leads to killing or destruction.

One of the basis of the Islamic system is patience, Allah says and Allah's earth is spacious; only the patient will be paid back their reward in full without measure, meaning that the patient enjoy Allah, The Most Exalted’s  Mercy and love,  for Allah says: Those are they on whom are blessings and mercy from their Lord, and those are the followers of the right course.  (2:157).

We, dear loved ones, have to adhere to Islamic morals; we ought to restrain our anger, and study the reaction that our actions might lead to in a rational way, especially that some people and some intelligence agencies might push you to get angry so that you will act in exactly the way they want. God has given you a mind and wanted you to refer everything to it, since life's value lies in one possessing his mind, feelings, balance and straightness.

On this topic, we want to be guided by the Prophets and the Imams of Ahl el-Beit to teach us on how to get rid of one's anger.

The Sin of anger

Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) quotes his father, Imam Al-Baqir as saying: A Bedouin came to the Messenger and said. I live in the desert – where I do not hear your speeches and advice. Therefore, advise me. The Messenger (p.)  said: I order you not to get angry (when you are angered or provoked face matters with calmness, rationality and wisdom). The Bedouin asked the Messenger (p.) three times and the Messenger(p.)  repeated the same answer. The man did not insist any further and said to himself: I will not ask for anything else. The Messenger of Allah has ordered me to do what is right and good.

Imam As-Sadiq says: My father used to say that there is nothing more severe than angry. A man might get angry and kill someone unlawfully or slander chaste women.

Imam Al-Baqir says that it is written in the Bible that Allah told Musa, that if he gets angry on those whom Allah made him their ruler, Allah will not be angry on him.

Imam As-Sadiq says: Allah told some of his Prophets that they should remember Him when they get angry if they want Him to remember them in His anger…

He also narrated that a man came to the Messenger asking him for advice. The Messenger told him. Go and do not get angry. The man then went to his people and found them getting ready to go to war. He put on his armor, but then he remembered the Messenger's advice and decided to go to the enemies of his people offering them blood money. The people said that they have forgiven and that they no longer want anything. Thus, the people reconciled and the anger disappeared.

The consequences of anger:

Imam As-Sadiq said that he who does not control his anger does not control his mind, his mind will be useless since what drives him to act is not his mind but his angry feelings and then he will have to face the negative results such actions produce.

Imam Al-Baqir said: Who does not anger people, Allah will relief him form the sufferings of the Day of Judgement.

The Messenger(p.)  passed on a group of people who were engaged in a contest about who could carry a big stone to prove that he is the strongest. He told him that the strongest among you is he who can control his anger.

The one who is really strong is the one whom when Satan makes him angry, he will remember Allah and make his patience overcome his anger.

A poet once said that if you want to know what your friend feelings towards you are, try go make him angry, you will know what is really inside him.

Thus, anger is something that ought to be controlled and even avoided. This is what we should educate ourselves and our families on, as Imam As-Sadiq has said: Anger is the key of all evil.

The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Continuous Crimes in Palestine

In Occupied Palestine Israel continues its barbaric crimes, by a series of brutal assassinations in the West bank and the raids on Gaza. In addition, there is the declaration of an Army official who said that they will continue their aggressions on the Palestinian people, but such a declaration did not make the Palestinian Authority try to save face even by stopping the negotiations with the enemy.

Furthermore, the enemy has started to build 1100 new housing units in East Jerusalem and the West bank in a move considered by the settlers as aiming to  disgrace the Palestinian President who does not have any card to play to stop the settlements, being a strategic means of annexing additional Palestinian lands before the final status negotiations, or exchange them by some desert lands, claiming that such an annexation is a vital Israeli security requirement. In the meantime, the American President and his Secretary of State continue to talk meaninglessly about the Palestinian state and reassure that it could be established before the end of their term.

On our part, we notice that America, the Quartet Committee and some Arabs states have not devised any mechanism to reach this goal, which makes the American promises merely a means to give Israel more time to continue its strategy of negotiating to consume time while actually eradicating any possibility of establishing a viable Palestinian state.

If some Arabs are trying to intercede to pacify the situation, we notice that the American Administration is complicating the possibility of the success of any such efforts, since America wants to eradicate Hamas and all the other Resistance factions.  Furthermore, the American Secretary of state did not consider pacification as a condition to resume negotiations. The American commitment to Israeli security, especially their position towards the Jerusalem operation, prevents the establishing of any political or security base for the Palestinian people in Gaza.

That is why the American Administration has prevented the passing of any Security Council resolution that ends the economic blockade on Gaza, as if this barbaric Administration has decided to collectively punish the entire Palestinian people. It is also regretful that the EU and some Arab countries did not pressurize Israel to lift this cruel blockade.

We believe that the Palestinian people will continue their struggle to liberate their lands and end the occupation.

They will continue their march, although sixty years have passed since their land was usurped by the Jews who established their state on it. All  the Palestinian organizations should cooperate together and join hands in continuing the confrontation one Intifada after the other, and one shelling round after the other, to prevent this usurping state from feeling stable and secure. This is because it will never give the Palestinians anything through the negotiations. On the contrary, it will use the element of stalling to mark time to continue its strategy of eradicating them and leave no opportunity whatsoever to establish a viable Palestinian state.

The American President violates all human values

President Bush has recently taken a step in which he had violated all the civilized values he talks about and vows to spread.

He has vetoed a law that prevents the intelligence agencies from using means of torture like putting those interrogated under the suspicion of being terrorists under the illusion of being drowned … although the judicial and human logic does not take such testimonies into account since they are taken by coercion.

This barbaric decision clearly and decisively proves the aggressive nature this president whom we described as the "naïve devil". History will record him as the president who violated all human values and norms. And perhaps the entire world knows that the American military establishment including the intelligence agencies, has always been practicing the torture of prisoners and contradicting the American laws, since their superiors not only allowed them to do but also encouraged them.

This is what was revealed when the practices in the American prisons in Iraq were exposed. The level of torture there reached cold blood killing of prisoners. And this is what the nations and states should understand, especially after the American Administration have transferred some suspects to Arab and European jails that permit torture, Such a move turns the American Administration demand that these countries should respect human right a silly joke.

The oil weapon

On another level, the American President has decided to send his vice "Cheney" to the Middle East to ensure its countries that Washington is committed to work for a peace agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis, in addition to the consistent talk about the Iranian threat and the oil weapon which is supposed to turn into a weapon against the Arabs and Muslims, with its prices controlled by the American Administration.

We notice that this bloody terrorist wants to wage wars in our Arab and Muslim region, and to complicate the Arab, especially the Gulf states, relations with Iran  to help him in any war the US might wage on it, whether by financing it or by taking part in it right, from the beginning, which could destroy the region and the neighbouring regions, as well as destabilize the relation of certain countries like Egypt and Jordan with Iran.

As for pressurizing OPEC through the increase the in oil production that some Arab countries resorted to, this represents a plan to weaken the Arab and Muslim economies and some African and Latin American ones, which would benefit the Western economies especially the US economy. Some of these countries have grown accustomed to yield to the American pressures.

Lebanon: the problem and the solution

In Lebanon, the inability of the various factions to reach a solution is a result of the lack of will power and not of new ideas, in addition to the lack of trust that is coupled with exchanging accusations that conceal ill intentions and guard the presidential vacuum to promote sectarian interests or to yield to international or regional demands.

If the postponement is the decision that the absence of political consensus imposes, waiting for the Arab summit might give way to the intensification of the Arab struggles (in Lebanon) whether of a personal nature or an international one.

Some might see that the Arab initiative represents  the Arab consensus, but the reality is that it is a product of the crisis of the Arab system and it has been dealt with from the point of view of each country's interests and not that of the Arab national regional system, since most Arabs no longer think about the national strategies but about the personal complications of those in charge in their countries.

In the end we ask: Should the Lebanese stop asking for their humanitarian, living and political demands, because this will cost them more blood and exchange of accusations, leaving hunger and deprivation as the characteristic of Lebanon that does not have a state to address such problems waiting for a time that might or might not come to solve the problem of its people.

It is strange in this wonderland that those who have created the problem are those who are supposed to solve it. Is this possible?