Wine Induces
Enmity and Hatred and Hinders the Remembrance of Allah

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 14th of November 2008, 16th of Zul Kaada 1429 H.. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer. 

The First Sermon

The sin of wine is greater than its utility

Allah says in His Glorious Book.

They question thee about strong drink and games of chance. Say: In both is great sin, and (some) utility for men; but the sin of them is greater than their usefulness.

This Holy Ayah asserts that man might find some partial benefits in dirking wine, as those who find pleasure in drinking it, and they might consider gambling beneficial, since it is a source of gaining some money. But Allah, the most Exalted, states the fact that there is nothing in life that is useful a hundred percent or harmful a hundred percent.

Something might be useful at a rate of 20% and harmful at a rate 80%.The Wiseman who respects himself and his life would not choose what is harmful at this rate to go acquire a little rate of benefit. Thus the sin that is mentioned in the Ayat is the harm that results from delaying the good.

If anybody consults experts about some goods he wants to buy and he is told that you will gain 20% and lose 80%, would he buy these goods if he is a rational person?! Here Allah is saying that the harm of drinking wine and gambling is much more than their benefits. This Ayah restates a general juristic rule: all that whose harm is greater than its usefulness is prohibited, whether this harm is in this world or in the Hereafter. Therefore, man should not eat, drink or trade in anything except after he studies its usefulness.

Allah also says:

Satan's plan is (but) to excite enmity and hatred between you, with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder your remembrance of Allah, and from prayer: will ye not then abstain?

This is because wine makes man lose his balance and weakens his mind, which might drive him to improper behaviour.  And he might clash with others and create hatred and enmity.

He might also forget Allah, and abandon the performance of his rites. Would you than stop drinking wine and gambling, since these two acts that Satan wants you to do, to make you forget your responsibilities.

Allah also says:

O you who believe! Intoxicants and games of chance and (sacrificing to) stones set up and (dividing by) arrows are only an uncleanness, the Shaitan's work; shun it therefore that you may be successful.

Drinking wine is the beginning of all evil:

We read in the Hadith of the Messenger (p.): All evil was gathered in a house, and drinking wine was made its key".

A story narrated by some people goes as follows: A man was asked to choose between three things: Adultery, killing and drinking wine. He thought that adultery is one of the big sins, while killing is a much greater sin. So the man chose to drink wine, being the easiest. But when he drank wine, he killed a man and committed adultery, because when he got drunk he was no longer aware of what he was doing and committed the other sins.

In another hadith that addressed all those who work in making, selling or serving wine, the Messenger says: May God curse wine, and those who squeeze it, plant it, buy it, sell it, and carry it and the one it is carried to… and the one who serves it. He also says: "Drinking wine is like worshipping idols, because one gets addicted to drinking wine and it takes all his time, it is as if he takes wine as an idol he worships.

Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.) says that Allah did not send a prophet, whom He did not consider his message to be complete except after prohibiting wine.

Allah has sent no Messenger with a message that did not include prohibiting wine. But Allah sends His rulings gradually, since if it was done all at once, it would have made the people feel that it is a heavy burden.

Some people might not drink wine, but they would sit with their friends who do. To those people the Messenger (p) says: "He who believes in Allah and the HereEreHhhhhafter should not sit at a table where wine is served", since you would be accepting what they are doing and in the end, you might be attracted to do the same.

Wine and consciousness:

Imam Ali (a.s.) says: Allah has ordained not do drink wine to secure the mind. The mind is the argument (proof) that justifies accountability. And Allah does not, therefore, want it to be weakened or disrupted. He wants to strengthen and develop it, for it distinguishes between the good and the bad, the right and falsehood, and good and evil. And if it weakens the values would be compromised. Imam Al-Baqir (a.s.) says that Allah has prohibited wine for its action and corruption.

Men of medicine list several negative effects on the health as a result of drinking wine, which was prohibited in certain western societies when they first evolved.

Imam al-Kazim (a.s.) says: Allah did not prohibit wine for its name. But for its effects. Thus whatever has the same effects as wine, is also wine.

This hadith leads us to talk about another danger, drugs, which have become widely spread among our youth, especially in the universities, and which has become to be sold in some pharmacies as sedatives.

Drugs are more dangerous than wine, because not only do they affect the mind, they also destroy the health and weaken the willpower and make those who do them in a state of hallucination, a state that if widely spread could destroy the entire country.

It is said that Britain used to spread drugs between the Chinese people when it occupied their land to weaken their resolve to resist occupation. And when some reformers started to fight this habit, it declared war on china.

Thus, when the Chinese stopped taking drugs they became a free, independent and developing nation that completes with the other superpowers in the world. Hence, some people spread drugs to weaken the entire nation.

Parents should be watchful and keep an eye on their children, especially that drugs are common in the universities and secondary schools. We also consider the government to be responsible and has to fight the spreading of drugs including its planting by encouraging attentive crops. The entire world has felt the dangerousness of drugs and has started fighting them by all means. Moreover, we cannot put an end to this habit unless all of us cooperate together in confronting it and in warning our children from its harmful results that could end their future and destroy their lives.

The Messenger has also told us: There will come a time, my Umma (nation) will eat something called Banj (a plant whose seeds intoxicats) I am innocent of those people and they are innocent of me – even if they pray and fast.

In another saying he says that he who finds the sin of eating Banj a small sin would disbelieve, since its prohibition is one of the necessities of religion, and who denies one of the religious necessities becomes an unbeliever.

Therefore, we have to fight all those who trade in wine or drugs. Anyone who sells wine, his money is unlawful. It is even haram (unlawful) to buy from shops that sell wine, as a form of forbidding evil. The Holy verses in the Quran and the Hadith of the Messenger (p.) and the Ahl-Beit Imams have emphasized that the sellers and buyers of wine are cursed. That is why we should fight them by means of boycotting. I have issued a Fatwa prohibiting buying anything even if it is halal from the shops that sell wine. It is also prohibited to buy from the pharmacies that sell drugs to our youth, because we have to protect our society from social and health dangers.

The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Interfaith Conference: The meeting of the Arab leaders with the Zionist war criminals

The Arab and Israeli leaders have eaten the same food in the Interfaith Conference that was held in New York. It is the food that is mixed with the Palestinian blood and agonies. It is the "big accomplishment" for the UN whose Secretary General boosts that he was able to join between the Arabs and the Zionists under the same ceiling. But he forgets that Israel has crushed all the UN resolutions with the boots of occupation and scattered the Palestinians all over the world and is invading what is left of their country, either by its settlement activities or by its tanks, warplanes and continuous massacres.

The Arab leaders who are not religiously committed in the first place, sit down with the Zionists at the same table to discuses dialogue of religions which they are not specialized in, at a time the enemy's entity is engaged in the biggest campaign to Judaize Jerusalem; demolishing the houses of the Palestinians in the city, having already destroyed five thousand Jerusalemite houses since 1967… In addition to the siege imposed on Gaza, which has been transformed into a mobile tragedy that undermines the lives of the civilians by cutting the supplies of fuel, food and medicine, and continuing its aggressions of killing, arresting and invading.

In this respect, we notice that the European Union expresses its deep concern for demolishing the houses of the Palestinians, without taking any pacifically step to conformation…

And although there are some ships that carry foreign activists that seek, albeit symbolically, to lift the blockade, the Arabs who share the same table with Perez do not make any move to lift the oppression, injustice and the suffering of the Palestinian people, including those of occupation and the siege. They listen carefully to the American Secretary of State talking hypocritically about the coming peace, following the talking of the Zionist officials of the possibility of discussing the Arab Initiative anew and after the talk of the International Quartet Committee of the necessity of freezing settlement activities and not dismantling the existing ones, since they all are concerned not to bother Israel, even if it was at the expense of all Arabs and Muslims.

On their part, the Palestinians in the National Authority and outside it, have started campaigns of betrayal against one another; the sufferings and pains of their people notwithstanding.

This calls on as to raise the question not only on the future of their internal dialogue but also about the fate of their cause and the cause of their destiny.

America: The surprise of the new Administration


On the American scene, many have said that America has surprised the world by surpassing racial discrimination when the whites elected a black president, but it seems that the president-elect quickly surprised the Arabs by choosing an Israeli who was in the enemy's army and fought against the Lebanese to be his transitional chief of staff. We should pause and think if this president is free and qualified enough to change as he says.

We warn the coming American Administration from adopting an Israel agenda, or to approach the issues of the region from an Israeli perspective whose representatives are all over the White House. Resorting to war and violence that was the adopted policy of Bush Administration has proved to be a failure. The only option the new administration is left with is to listen to the decisions of peoples, especially those of the Arab and Muslim world whom American says that they hate them. But they do not ask themselves why, although the successive American Administrations had adopted a sole course of pressure and oppression toward these peoples and their causes.

We advise the coming administration not to pursue the policy of violence of the neoconservatives and to start a political with the states Bush has included in the axis of evil. They should also stop considering as an axiom that the Resistance forces are terrorists, instead they should try to deduce a serious and realistic definition of terrorism and to focus on its internal problems before it gets burnt by the fire of nations and freedom seekers in the entire world.

Iraq: Bloody violence and political struggles

In Iraq, we meet again with the bloody violence, as a result of the bombings that haunt the civilians in the popular markets, such as in Al-Azmaiah neighbourhood, at a time the Iraqi officials declare that they have not succumbed to the conditions of the occupation's security treaty. This makes us wonder whether these bombings represent a part of the pressures on the government and the Iraqi national unity in the face of occupation, or whether the Takifiris are indirectly serving the occupation in the course of pursuing their own agenda.

We call on the Iraqis to be more careful in dealing with the security agreement, for we are afraid from the American game that tries to suggest to the Iraqis and the world that the American presence is necessary for the Iraqis due to the unstable security conditions.

We also warn from the renewed talk about federalism, especially as some provinces are acting in a way that departs from the Iraqi unity and that oversteps the central power and inclines to secede from the motherland, which might add additional problems to the ones the occupation is already responsible of.

Lebanon: Dialogue on the dialogue itself

As for Lebanon, the dialogue has entered in a phase of exchanging accusations, as soon as those who participated in it left the room, as if what we should do is to have a dialogue about the dialogue itself, and that reconciliations should remain superficial, where only the setting and the interior design change, and the strategies and positions remain the same. Moreover, the political contradictions are recalled at every historical landmark, since the people are thinking about the coming elections.

We call on all Lebanese parties to study thoroughly the state of the region and the world, so that the Lebanese – Arab coordination would be based on the concern of the stability of the security internally and the higher interests of the homeland and the nation in view of the new regional and international developments. We should seize to try to score points as such behaviour would compromise the fate of the country while the internal players are under the illusion that they are playing their traditional game of petty politics.