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Corruption on Earth Is an Act of Man

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Rabi' Jumada El-Awwal, 20th 1430 H. - May, 15th 2009. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The First Sermon

Allah says in His Glorious Book: "Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of what the hands of men have wrought, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return".(30:41).

Allah has created this universe for man so that he would develop it at all levels, and live on this earth a decent and good life that is characterized by tranquility and stability in which man feels that he is free to do good and take decisions, and at the same time be assured of his fate.

Thus, when Allah told the angels about His caliph on earth and they were surprised "And when your Lord said to the angels, I am going to place in the earth a Caliph, they said: What! Wilt Thou place in it such as shall make mischief in it and shed blood, and we celebrate Thy praise and extol Thy holiness? He said: Surely I know what you do not know". (2:30), He told them about the ability of man to shoulder the responsibility of developing the earth, in a way that this barren land will turn into one in which rivers flow, cities flourish and societies, that would communicate, integrate, and cooperate with one another, emerge.

Allah has sent the prophets to reconcile among people, and He sent the Holy Books to establish justice which their lives depend on and which is the basis of the flourishment of nations when each takes his right, and when injustice perishes.

Corruption on earth

But the people were driven by their instincts, lusts and desires, with the strong wronging the weak and the rich exploiting the poor… the arrogant oppressing the downtrodden and depriving them from their right to determine their destiny and take their own decisions and interfere in all their affairs.

In this respect, we do not believe that corruption is determined by God's will in a direct manner. When an economic crisis or a social problem occurs, it does not mean that it was directly made by Allah. Some might believe that Allah has made them sick or bankrupt. But the believer should believe that Allah has made a cause for everything, as He has made a cause for every illness and a solution for every problem. When you become sick, it is because the causes of illness have affected you and when you become poor, it is because you did not know how to run your business or you were unfaithful to your work. There is a cause for everything, even the natural phenomena. Floods for example, occur as a result of the laws Allah has instituted to run the universe. Similarly illnesses, such as swine flu, occur as a result of these laws. Allah has prohibited eating pork because of the severe harms it incurs, and it is but natural that it would generate certain illnesses that might be also generated by other animals. Most illnesses or epidemics occur because people do not abide by the rules of hygiene and general health. When the state does not perform its role in monitoring the environment and ensures that the food and water consumed are healthy, then it is natural that diseases will multiply.

Thus, every state should have a health policy to ensure the well-being of its citizens. Moreover, when unemployment increases, a lot of people would not be able to provide for themselves and their families, which means that the state should adopt an economic policy that addresses the needs of the country and citizens. Moral corruption too is another example. There are those who trade in women, men or children, and there are certain countries that legalize same – sex marriage; those are spreading vice and depravation. And there are those who fast and pray and perform pilgrimage, yet they sell wine, claiming that if they do not, no one will buy anything from them. This is despite the fact that Allah has prohibited this and ordained that man should earn his sustenance through lawful means. And you know that those who resort to trading in what is prohibited might have become rich but they have many other problems.

Allah says: "Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea – piracy, which some say that it is a deliberate policy adopted by some countries – on account of what the hands of man have wrought, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done – you eat from what you had planted and you have to taste it, so that they may return." Thus, when you become poor or sick, you would be facing the results of your own work.

Afflictions are made by man

Allah says: And whatever affliction befalls you – all what befalls on you and not only the loss of life – it is on account of what your hands have wrought, (the afflictions in your health money, political conditions and others is a result of your own doing – and (yet) He pardons most (of your faults). And you cannot escape in the earth – no matter how strong you are, you are not stronger than Allah, and you shall not have a guardian or a helper besides Allah".(42:30-31). If Allah wants to punish you, who would be able to defend you before Allah?

Allah says: "Allah sets forth a Parable: a city enjoying security and quiet – as was the case in Lebanon – abundantly supplied with sustenance from every place – Lebanon used to be filled with tourists and summer visitors –  Yet was it ungrateful for the favors of Allah – so the Lebanese people did not thank Allah for His blessings; by doing what Allah loves and what pleases Him –  so Allah made it taste of hunger and terror (in extremes) (closing in on it) like a garment (from every side) – because of economic crises and wars – because of the (evil) which (its people) wrought." (16:112) Allah also says: "This is because Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition; and because Allah is Hearing, Knowing", (08:53), what happens outside emerges from the inside, for man acts in accordance with what he thinks of.

Nowadays, we are living a certain reality, so let us take a moment to think. It is the season of elections, and we ask: how many people are thinking of choosing the candidate that bears the responsibility of the interests and freedom of the people? Who is studying and understanding the thoughts of this politician and his relations with this country or the other? Where did he get his fortune from? Some American newspapers (The New York Times) have reported that the Lebanese parliamentary elections are the most expensive in the world, because some of the oil-producing countries are spending millions of dollars to ensure the success of its party, even some Sheikhs are ready to receive money to market this candidate or that...

The responsibility of political corruption

Actually, this is political corruption, whose responsibility is on the shoulders of all those who sell their votes without even studying the candidates. Consequently, the elected candidates would legislate the laws that would govern your lives, so who would be held responsible for that? It is you who is held responsible, when you stand before Allah to be judged. Concerning the Lebanese economic crisis, we ask: how did the Lebanese debt reach fifty billion dollars? Actually, those who looted the country and spread corruption in its institutions are the ones responsible, yet we vote for them, simply because they are the leaders and the Heads of the confessions!

A reported tradition of the Messenger of Allah (p.) says: "Allah, the most Exalted, does not punish the public for what the elite does, unless they see evil among them – people can see that the elite are carrying out evil deeds – and they are able to denounce it but they do nothing. In this case, He will punish both parties." The Messenger (p.) also said: "Every nation that differs after its Prophet will undoubtedly witness the supremacy of its people of falsehood over its people of truth." He (p.) also said: "If a sin is done secretly, it will only hurt the one who had committed it, while if it is done in public without the sinner being told to change – if it was not denounced – it will hurt all the public."

Imam Ali (a.s.) says: "Those before you were perished, because they denied the people their rights, and they (the people) bought them – they paid bribes to get their rights; which is the cause of our ordeal in Lebanon – and they ruled the people by falsehood, so they (the people) emulated it. The Messenger of Allah (p.) says: "Allah would not bless a nation, unless the weak takes his right from the strong, without being hurt." He (p.) also says: "

How would Allah bless a people whose weak people's rights are not retrieved from their evil people!"

In a reported tradition, Imam Ali (a.s.) says: "World and religion are based on four pillars: A scholar who uses his knowledge, an ignorant man who does not disdain to learn, a generous man who is always ready to help, and a poor man who does not exchange his Afterlife for this World. If the scholar loses his knowledge, the ignorant will disdain to learn. If the rich withholds his favors, the poor will exchange his Afterlife for this World."

Concerning the issue of marriage, I notice that there is a new custom; the fathers are selling their daughters in exchange for an amount of money, so they set conditions such as their daughter's dowry ought to be a hundred thousand dollars, or a thousand golden pounds, and they bargain among each other as if they are selling a cow. Moreover, some fathers seek to wed their daughters to rich men, regardless if they are educated or not, or religious or not. Some fathers might even force their daughters to accept such a husband. However, you should keep in mind that every girl who is forced into marrying someone she does not approve of, can leave the place where the contract is concluded and marry whomever she wants, because the father has no authority to marry his daughter off without her consent. Every marriage concluded by force or compulsion is null and void, meaning that it has never existed. The Messenger of Allah (p.) says: "When there comes to you one whose religion and character please you, then marry him off – do not abstain from marrying him off just because his financial situation is ordinary – if you do not, there will be corruption and great immorality in the land." Moreover, we notice that many men are not getting married because they can not afford to pay the dowry, thus, we would be participating in inflicting corruption in society.

The Second Sermon

Arabs: Beautifying the image of the Zionist Government

Many Arab officials are doing their best to beautify the image of the Rightist Zionist government. They received its Prime Minister who left no doubt that he will not grant the Arabs the least of their rights, for he refused to withdraw from the Golan territories, and he openly expressed his refusal to the principle of the Palestinian state, and he linked the so-called peace to security and prosperity. It is as if he is telling the Arabs: Give us peace and cooperate with us at the security and intelligence levels against the free people in your countries and Palestine; in return, you would obtain prosperity under the claws of humiliation and occupation.

Yet, the enemy's Prime Minister is met, in certain Arab official positions, by those who are willing to cooperate and pave the way for him to enter other Arab states, and listen to his words that call for helping the enemy in fighting whom it calls "terrorists". We are almost sure that the official Arab reality is ready to step over the popular concerns and ally with Israel against Iran as the enemy has suggested, since the culture of defeat and surrender has penetrated their souls, to the extent that they are considering cooperating with the usurping entity, and regarding Iran as an obstacle they should besiege and get rid of, since Iran has cornered them by adopting the Arab and Islamic causes, spearheaded by the Palestinian cause that they seek to free themselves of and preserve their thrones and positions.

The talk going on, nowadays, in the lobbies of the official Arab political circles, is on how to approach Netanyahu, even though he gave the Arabs no chance to save their faces, and how can the official Arab regimes give up the right of return or place it on the shelf along with the Arab initiative. They are also studying how they can cope with Israel concerning Jerusalem, so that the Palestinian flag would be flown over a certain location in it, even if the entire city is still under occupation. Then, they will talk about the progress in the peace process, having buried the Palestinian cause, whose coffin is meant to be held over the Arab and even the Muslims' shoulders and be presented as an oblation at the altar of the Rightist Government, thus declaring the death of the "late beloved" Palestine, and consequently, the Palestinian state.

We warn that the scheme already in practice includes expanding the area of cooperation with the enemy inside and outside occupied Palestine, under the title of vitalizing the role of the official Palestinian security institutions at times, and facing the attempts to destabilize the security and order at other times, in response to the security demands of the enemy, even if this leads to the violation of the entire Arab and Islamic security. The scheme also includes expanding the number of the countries that recognize Israel, to include the entire Islamic world, because what America, Israel, and even the Arabs are demanding is besieging the Palestinians with the Muslims, instead of making use of the Arab and Muslim potentials to retrieve the usurped Arab and Islamic rights in Palestine.

We warn from responding to this dangerous satanic scheme, whose features are crystallizing, and which is meant to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the usurpation of Palestine, by the west, Israel, and even some of the Arabs. This is represented by the letters sent to the enemy's officials to congratulate them on the so-called independence, and the dangerous political messages transmitted even by religious envoys…

The Pope's visit: Serving the enemy's interest

Under these circumstances, the enemies are doing their best to exploit the Pope's visit and make use of it as a part of the international celebration of this usurping entity. The Arabs and Muslims are meant to participate in it under the title of "reconciling with the Jews and shaking hands with them"… What is required is that everyone should reconcile with the occupying Jews under the latter's conditions, and that the Arab should submit to the formal aspect of the handshake that means, in the first place, to disclaim their rights, and consequently, abandoning their dignity, pride, and actual presence among the nations.

On this occasion, we salute the Muslims and Christians in occupied Palestine who called the Pope's attention to the severity of what he is heading for, and the necessity of standing by the oppressed and persecuted Palestinian people that represents the most important example of injustice, that the Holy Messages have placed at the top of their concerns and commitments. Actually, the Palestinian people is the best example on the state of being oppressed, which the prophecies set forth defending it and protecting it under the title of serving justice and fighting injustice that the occupation forces represent its most hideous and horrific forms.

We ask ourselves, like many others: why did not the Pope visit Gaza? Had Jesus Christ (a.s.) been alive, he would have visited it and checked on its oppressed and persecuted people, who suffered from the most hideous killing and annihilation operations. He would have defended them and embraced their orphans and poor people, since they represent the living example of his Divine Message in the world.

We warn the official religious positions from turning into a shelter to the criminals and the thieves of the nations, for this would lead to mass holocausts that are not only inflicted on a certain people or a certain nation, but also on mankind as a whole. They will also lead to the fall of the world peace that has become a political and religious chant in this era, in which man is subjected to the most hideous forms of oppression, killing, and persecution. In addition, the religious symbols are meant to take no real actions and stick to the soothing words they try to calm the persecuted people with, at a time that the fires of wars ravage their reality and future.

American annihilation of the downtrodden

Not far from this, we can see America's war on the downtrodden in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in which the civilians are subject to a more like annihilation war represented by the barbaric bombing carried out by the American warplanes on the clay houses, under which the poor are buried, all under the pretext of fighting terrorism. The Americans even refused the Afghani President's request to stop this bombing, claiming that "we can not fight while our hands are tied behind our backs", as expressed by the American President's Advisor on National Security… As if what is meant from these strikes is to grant the American army an absolute supremacy over the unarmed civilians, so that the defeated America would retain its prestige, to the detriment of the poor and downtrodden people in the world!

Lebanon: The priority of preserving the internal security

On the Lebanese scene, Lebanon has sunk up to its ears in the electoral concerns, and we notice that the acceleration of the tense tone in the electoral rhetoric does not obscure the major threats that emerged from the Israeli penetration of the Lebanese political and social structure, represented by the magnitude of the spying attack that hit the official body in the state, as well as the internal popular fabric.

The figures of the spying networks falling one after another up till now have shown that the party of collaborators in Lebanon is not an ordinary party, but rather a unifying one that includes individuals of all the Lebanese confessions and one that is not moved upon hearing the terms of grand treason or major crimes. Nevertheless, our internal political rows have prevented a lot of us from noticing the eminent danger of the enemy and its spying networks.

We consider this Zionist intelligence attack on Lebanon to be an open war, and we deem the American call to disarm the Resistance as a previous coordination with the enemy to isolate Lebanon and render it vulnerable to the security penetration, followed by a military aggression that would violate its entire territories eventually. Therefore, we call on the Resistance, the Army, and the state's institutions to take notice of this devious attack and embark on disintegrating it at the political and security level. We call the fighters to be highly prepared, and seek to penetrate the enemy's internal arena and unveil its weak elements, the same way it has tried to penetrate the Lebanese internal arena. Moreover, preserving the Lebanese internal security is a top priority that everyone ought to dedicate their political and non-political efforts to secure, before the Lebanese political developments, such as the electoral one and others, would be exploited by the enemy to strike its terrorist attacks on Lebanon and the region.