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Sedition invades Muslims

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Jumada El-Thani, 26th 1430 H. - June, 19th 2009. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The First Sermon

Hypocrisy produces strife

After the Prophet (p.) had settled in Al-Madina, the main problem he faced at that time was the hypocrisy practiced by few Muslims. They pretended to adopt Islam; while in their hearts they were, in fact, unbelievers who penetrated the Islamic society. This gave them the opportunity to upset Islamic life and foment sedition between Muslims, as a result of their psychological complexes and their secret alliance with the Jews, which aimed at disrupting the stability of the Islamic community.

The biographers of the Prophet (p.)’s noble life narrate that a Jew infiltrated two Muslim tribes “The Aous” and “The Khazraj”. These two tribes had different tribal lineage, and Al-Madina was a battlefield between them for tens of years, until Islam came and united and fraternized between them. As a result, they became brothers, as the Holy Quran says: “And remember the favor of Allah on you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts so by His favor you became brethren; and you were on the brink of a pit of fire, then He saved you from it.” (03:103). However, after his infiltration this Jew – along with a group of hypocrites – started to remind the members of the two tribes of their previous wars, and the victory of one of the tribes over the other. Moreover, he started to recite the poems that the winners used to chant to tease the losers. The result was that each tribe resumed threatening to resort to force against the other and the dispute mounted that they even called for arms. A messenger came to the Prophet (p.) and said: “Save the Muslims, among whom sedition was fomented.” The Prophet (p.) rushed to them and said: “Unbelief after belief?!” Allah has fraternized between you through your faith, by which you managed to overcome spite, enmity, hatred, and tribal fanaticism, so would you prefer to return to your old behavior?! Upon hearing the Messenger (p.)’s words, they felt ashamed, and they returned to their senses and reunited.

The hypocrites’ aim is creating dissension

In At-Tawba Surah, Allah tells us about those who refused to fight with the Prophet (p.) in his defensive wars against the atheists aggressing on Islam and working on failing it, so Allah exposed them and revealed their intentions and warned the Prophet (p.) and Muslims from them. Allah says in His Glorious Book: “Had they gone forth with you – had they accompanied you in the army that fought to defend Islam – they would not have added to you aught save corruption – meaning corruption, disorder, and confusion due to what (the rumors) they insinuate to the Islamic society, aiming at fomenting sedition – and they would certainly have hurried about among you – hurrying means rushing to inflict evil, i.e. they would have rushed to inflict evil in your society, by fomenting sedition between Muslims, exploiting fanatic sensitivities, and complicating relations to disunite the ranks and disrupt the stands – seeking (to sow) dissension among you – they would try to foment sedition in the Islamic society, aiming at disrupting the Islamic unity that holds fast by the rope which Allah stretches out, for it avoids dissension – and among you there are those who hearken for their sake – there is a group of people who are naïve and credulous that had they heard the words of sedition, they would not have considered the true intentions behind them nor the people fomenting sedition, as well as they would not have inquired into the entire negativity resulting from this matter, but rather they would have been influenced by their methods, sayings, and movements – and Allah knows the unjust. Certainly they sought (to sow) dissension before – through the plans they set to create dissension and incite sensitivities between the Muslims – and they meditated plots against you – by calling on people to disagree and incite them against the Jihad calls, and unite with the Jews collaborating against Islam and Muslims, meditating conspiracy   schemes against Allah and His Messenger (p.), and they stepped up their movement to the extent that they thought they were in control of things and put their hands on the fortunes of the Muslims – until the truth came, and Allah's commandment prevailed – by the emergence of the command of Islam – although they were averse (from it).” (09:47-48)

Unity drives sedition away

From the negative reality that surrounded the Islamic society and the Quranic verses that talked about the hypocrites in Al-Madina, we notice that Islam did not talk about the existence of hypocrisy in Mecca, for the Muslims who were in Mecca were preoccupied with defending Islam against polytheism and the polytheists, since they had only one cause. They did not think of themselves or their own interests and the polytheists could not penetrate them. However, in Al-Madina, things were different, for the society was diverse since it included a few Jews and pre-Islamic tribe chiefs whom Islam had deprived of their leadership. Thus, hypocrisy found a fertile land in Al-Madina, making the Prophet (p.) suffer and destabilizing the Muslims’ reality.

Hypocrites’ history repeats itself

This historic reality is actually what Muslims are going through nowadays. The hypocrites infiltrated the Islamic world and entered into alliances with the international arrogance and disbelief forces. They submitted their positions in the Islamic world to arrogance, and attempted to distort the religious awareness and reignite past disagreements, being lured by the temptations of the arrogant who possess money, power, and military force. As a result, they strived inside and outside the Islamic society to foment sedition between the Sunnis and Shiites, rendering Takfir and deviation a very common accusation, to the extent that some of the hypocrites issued some spiteful rulings that legitimized killing other Muslims, just for a disagreement in jurisprudence or theology. This kind of sedition can easily be detected in the Islamic reality, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, or other countries, where a Muslim not only kills another Muslim, but also accuses him of disbelief, due to a difference in the sect. Moreover, certain Islamic figures that consider themselves to be leaders, talk about a Shiite invasion to the Sunni societies at a time when they do not talk forcibly enough about an American or Israeli invasion, simply for the presence of a difference in the points of view between the Sunnis and Shiites; although such differences could be resolved via dialogue. Actually, Allah has ordained us to conduct a dialogue even with the People of the Book, and we came to fear that any issue that creates a disagreement might lead to sedition. In Lebanon, we have noted that certain sectarian and confessional leaderships are trying to incite fanaticism to foment sedition among the Sunnis and Shiites at the time of the elections. In Iran, we also notice how some internal and external parties are trying to incite strife and weaken Iran by creating chaos.

The hypocrites undermine the societal fabric

Imam Ali (a.s.) talked about this phenomenon. He said: "A time will come when nothing will remain of the Quran except its writing, and noting of Islam except its name – they are Muslims, but they hate other Muslims and do not practice Islam as Allah and His Messenger have ordained us to do… to let Allah be our judge in everything and to obey Him in all our affairs and relations; forbidding evil and enjoying good – their mosques will be flourishing as buildings, but empty of guidance – that is why we will find people praying in Mosques, but hate one another, and would probably, when they leave the mosques, kill one another or accuse other Muslims of unbelief – their bodies and inhabitants will be the worst people on earth. Seditions will appear from them – from those who pray in the mosques and there are a lot of mosques that Muslims pray in, while they are engaged in sectarian and confessional strife, and they blow up the mosques in which Muslims are praying, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan – and all sins will turn towards them. If anyone keeps himself aloof from sins, they would bring him back to the sins, and if anyone falls behind, they would push him towards them. Allah, the most Exalted, says: I swear by Myself that I will send upon them an evil, wherever the wise will be puzzled over it." And this is what Allah has punished us with, as strife has plagued the Islamic world and is destroying the economies and the general political and social situations of the Muslims. And this is what we have noticed in occupying the lands of Muslims and the international economic crisis that made the Muslims lose billions of dollars, as a result of the strife that made them lose their unity and their strength.

Following falsehood

Imam Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, warns the Muslims against obeying their masters and notables for those think only about their interests and ambitions and collaborate with the international arrogance against all the Islamic reality. According to the Imam, those masters are the "basis of fanaticism and the pillars of seditions".

As for how the sedition begins, Imam Ali (a.s.) says: "O people, mischief begins with following certain desires and obeying certain invented rules that are different from the rules and laws of the Book of Allah. In such a case, people yield to other people of high authority. Had falsehood been clear, it would have been evident for the people of Intelligence. Had truth been clearly distinct, there would have been no differences. But, (practical life) people mix certain parts of truth with a few things from falsehood and present them together and this would enable Satan to overwhelm his friends, and only those who have previously received protection from Allah remain safe".

Imam Ali (a.s.) also explains that sedition might be the result of the need for money, as we have experienced in the money paid in the elections which make people vote out of the need for money and not out of their convictions. He says: "O my Allah! Preserve (the grace of) my face with easiness of life and do not disgrace my countenance with destitution, lest I may have to beg a livelihood from those who beg from Thee, try to seek the favor of Thy evil creatures, engage myself in praising those who give to me (giving them my vote), and be tempted in abusing those who do not give to me". He (a.s.) also said: "When strife erupts, be like the two-year old son of the she-camel that cannot be ridden yet – since he is still too young – and cannot be milked – since he is a male.

Confronting seditions with unity

Seditions have fallen upon the Muslim world like rain. The arrogant powers and the hypocrites are inciting sedition in our reality to weaken Islam and ultimately destroy it. Therefore, we are responsible for upholding Islamic unity and confronting all forms of sedition, especially those between the religious people whom Satan has misguided.

This is the call of Allah and His Messenger. We have to respond to it to live in peace with ourselves and the downtrodden around us.

The Second Sermon

Netanyahu's "nos"

The enemy's Prime Minister stated, from occupied Palestine, his decisive "nos" that represent a fixed Israeli policy. These "nos" are: no for the return of the Palestinians, no for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, no for ceasing the settlement activities, no for abandoning Jerusalem as a united and eternal capital of Israel. Moreover, the American President praised this speech, which he considered a "big step forward", for the previously set American-Israeli scheme, stated that Netanyahu ought to utter the phrase "Palestinian State", even if this state was established only over a small land of Historical Palestine and that is bereft of sovereignty and dignity. Directly after uttering that phrase, the Americans, and even the Europeans, would declare that the ball has become in the Arabs' court and that the Arab regimes, especially those who call themselves "moderate", should move with an increasing pace to meet the enemy midway and join its call for negotiations without pre-conditions.

The enemy's Prime Minister did utter the keyword "state", and its impact was devastating even on the moderate Arabs after he dictated his numerous conditions that blew up the Arab initiative completely and left for the Arabs themselves the responsibility of determining the place and time for bidding farewell to it. Moreover, all he said to the Palestinians was: first of all you have to recognize that Israel is a national state for the Jewish people. He meant that the Israelis are preparing to "transfer" the Palestinians from the 1948 Palestine and from Jerusalem, calling on them to ignore their history and geography and present to their enemy the final act of surrender, in submission to the idea that Palestine is not for the Palestinians, and that the ones whom the Zionist mobs had displaced all over the world are the true usurpers of the land, and not the Jews who came from Europe, America, and other countries. They came to alter the map of Palestine and change its image, reality, and history, in the framework of a western scheme that the westerners have unanimously agreed upon and that represented the biggest stab to the human rights and the peoples' right to self-determination.

In this speech, Netanyahu was loyal to his Zionist origin, as well as his racism and spite against the Arabs and Muslims, just as Obama was loyal to the American empire in the speech he had delivered in Egypt. Obama said everything, yet he said nothing; he talked about the ongoing conflicts, yet he presented nothing; he revealed to the Arabs that he was a man of peace, yet he placed them before the choice of the coming war.

The Americans' continuous support to the Zionists

As for the American envoy to the region, he came to execute what the enemy's Prime Minister had promised, transform the Zionist rhetoric into a political process, and state clearly that the new plan calls for launching the negotiations at all tracks on the basis of full normalization between Israel and its neighbors. This means that the objective is focused on besieging the Palestinians by the other tracks and driving them to yield to the Israeli terms, as well as leading the Arab and Muslim world into the Israeli trap, which aims at assassinating the Palestinian cause and putting an end to the struggle, as the Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians admit the overwhelming defeat and prepare to let Israel in all the Arab and Islamic strategic positions, in order to demolish, judaize, and annihilate all what remained, up till now, standing tall before the international and Israeli attack.

Palestinian unity is the way to salvation

I say to the Palestinians; the people against whom the enemy has committed massacres throughout sixty years: you were worn out by the collusive Arab politics and cowardly regimes, the enemy bereft you from everything, even the groundwater, and the sky that it has violated its sovereignty, and the olive fields that were bulldozed. Your unity and cohesion are all what is left for you to fight with and you have got no choice other than re-launching the resistance movement within the framework of a unifying national plan, especially that the enemy has not only revealed its plans, intentions, and goals, but has also exposed the truth of the new American Administration and managed to reveal it and present its real image before the Arab peoples after all the attempts of this Administration to polish its image via ornate speeches, hypocrite words, and deceptive methods.

Lebanese rejection of resettlement

I say to the Lebanese: Even if the enemy did not declare war on Lebanon, it has actually placed it before two choices, either the internal infighting to resettle the Palestinians in Lebanon, or being dragged to the negotiation table whose issues had already been settled by what Netanyahu called the "wide international consensus on resolving the issue of the refugees "outside the Israeli borders" (sic)… Therefore, all what is left for the Lebanese is to respond by an internal Lebanese unanimous agreement on rejecting Palestinian resettlement, taking into consideration that rejection alone can not be transformed into a decisive deterrent stand, unless Lebanon depends on the card of the resistance that ought not to be turned, in any way, into a controversial card. The Resistance has proven that it is the deterrent force that has forced the enemy to yield and has driven it to admit failure and impotence. Moreover, this element of force is able to impose its terms on the enemy, especially if the former turned into a political force that enjoys Lebanese consensus in the dialogue conference and elsewhere.

The collapsed Arab "nos"

As for the Arabs, whose "nos" have consecutively collapsed and who have no other choice but the fig leaf of the so-called Arab initiative, these Arabs ought to rise from their historic fall and listen to the pulse of their peoples and return to the values and heritage of their noble fathers. Moreover, the Arab officials ought to listen to the demands of their peoples, for they are capable of changing the formula in the region and changing the situation into what serves the interest of the Arabs and Muslims, and namely the Palestinians even at a time where the regimes seek to be reassured of the continuity of their existence.

Iran: a model of political freedom

We call on the Arab regimes to learn from the lessons of the unique popular vitality in the Islamic Republic of Iran, even when this vitality is somehow shaken or disturbed by certain negative aspects originating from the freedom that the state has provided the people with to express their opinions clearly, whether before, during, or after the elections. As a matter of fact, this calls for respecting and honoring this Islamic dynamism that is as mature and well-established as that of the most democratic states, as a result of its vitality, broadness, and high interaction.

We send to this free and proud people the greetings of Islam accompanied by our concern over this blessed revolution that has toppled the Peacock's throne of America and Zionism in the region, and rendered Iran the vanguard of supporting the liberation movements and the resistance factions. At the same time, we call these people, in view of their free expression through the elections and the reservations raised by various parties, to take into consideration the best interests of the Islamic Republic, the Islamic system, and the entire nation by preserving and protecting the Iranian state. This state has represented the true Mohammedan Islamic line that panicked the nation's enemies, especially the Zionist entity, and confirmed via its remarkable experiment that Islam is capable of embracing the project of the just state and representing the role model in this aspect, in spite of all the internal challenges and failures, and external pressures and interventions that might obstruct this state.

I call on the current generation of the revolution's leaders, the generation that accompanied Imam Al-Khomeini and with whom they went side by side in the victorious Islamic march, to consider all the negative reactions trying to distort the image of this vital popular movement. At the same time, I hope that these leaders' goal is to protect this experience and block the road before any attempts aiming at inflicting a real disturbance in the Islamic system, and distorting the image of Iran, as well as its reputation, and movement.

Inter-Lebanese understanding

On another level, Lebanon, nowadays, is preoccupied with rearranging its internal arena under the eyes of the regional parties that have become more inclined to reject any local Lebanese movement that might disrupt external agreements or hinder the Arabs' ability to prevent internal clashes. Moreover, it is high time for the Lebanese officials to realize that the regional parties have drawn their own ceiling that preserves their new balances of power and protects their inclinations to expand the area of understanding and coordination among each other. So, it is up to the Lebanese now to establish an efficient internal understanding that preserves the national interest, and reassures the people of the presence of a state that seeks to enroot the spirit of participation that makes everyone feel concerned with pursuing the dream of the strong and just state. This state provides, at the internal level, its people with good, welfare, and justice. It blocks the road before those who are lurking around with evil intentions towards it, and returns the country to its natural position and restores its noble role represented by supporting the resistance movement and opening up to the reality on freedom, pride, and dignity in the region and the world.

We call on all the Lebanese, namely the officials, to deploy every effort to set the foundations for a prosperous future for the country, enrooting citizenry and resolving the chronic economic, living, and educational problems…etc. Moreover, the sole concern of the Lebanese should be protecting the country's balances of power, principles, and interests, rather than yielding to the dictations flowing from regional and international positions. After all, the fundamental goal is to ensure the interests of the homeland and the citizen, not the interests of others who aim at rendering the country their hostage, as well as that of the country's enemies.