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No Verbal abuser would enter Heaven

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 22nd  of August 2008 A.D., 20 Sha'aban 1429 H., several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer  

The First Sermon

Allah says in His Glorious Book.

Tell My servants to be courteous in their speech. The devil would saw discord among them; he is the sworn enemy of man.

He also says:

Show forgiveness enjoin justice and avoid the ignorant. And: The true servants of the Merciful are those who walk humbly on the earth and when the ignorant address them they say: Peace.

How do we talk to people? And how do we face ignorant people? Islam wants man when he talks to people, whoever they are, family members, relatives, friends or enemies, not to feel free to talk with them in an agitated way that includes bad words that do not respect the human nature in them. He should be polite in his words and reactions when he faces the ignorant who wants to create a problem or start a fight with him.

Allah wants us to avoid the ignorant, and act as if they have said nothing, so that they would feel as if you despise them since any answer would show respect. That is why Allah said: And avoid the ignorant. And that is why he says that His good servants say "Peace" when the ignorant address them. Thus, avoiding the ignorant that tries to provoke you by saying bad words, would send a message that you despise what they had said instead of getting into a fight with them.

The tongue of the wise

Allah wants man to be polite and kind when he speaks. This is what Allah said about the practice of His Prophet It is because of the mercy of Allah that you, are lenient (and polite) with them. For, had you been callous and hard of heart, they would have (disbanded and) dispersed from around you.

 The Prophet used to represent the highest level of humanitarianism in his talk with those who were with him as well as those who were against him. He was never heard saying a bad or harmful world.

Allah has advised the Prophet to convey to His servants to say what is best when they talk to others and to think about the word they are going to say before they say it.

This is what the Commander of the faithful expressed in his following saying:

 "The tongue of the believer is behind his heart and the heart of a hypocrite is behind his tongue"

This is because the believer will think about the word he is going to say. If it is good he will go ahead and say it, but if it is bad he will refrain from saying it, while a hypocrite whose heart is behind his tongue, will say anything that comes up to his mind without knowing if it is good or bad. The Holy verse says: Let them fear Allah and speak justify. Therefore, Allah wants man to say all that is good, just and conforms with the Shariah.

Do not use abusive language

When we come to the Hadiths of our Prophet and the Imams of his household, we will notice that the Messenger has warned us that Allah does not love the one who uses obscene language which is all bad words including those that are shameful. He even warned us that using bad language is a very serious offence whose repercussions are very dangerous. He says: Allah has made paradise prohibited to anyone who curses or abuses.

You can pray the night prayers and perform pilgrimage and Umra but if you use absence language with your family and those whom you deal with; you will not enter Heaven. Therefore, you have to "clean" your tongue before you go to the other world.

The Messenger (p.) also says; obscenity does not become a part of anything without disgracing it, while shyness does not become a part of anything without adorning it. He also said: One of the worst worshippers of Allah is he whom you hate to sit with because of his obscenity, and: If obscenity was a creation of Allah it would have been the most evil, and if it were an example it would have been an evil one.

The Commander of the faithful says that Obscenity is not of Islam, because it does not conform with the morals of Islam. Imam Al-Baqir says: "Say to people the best (words) which you want them to say to you. For Allah hates the one who curses, abuses and defames the believers. He detests the one who uses an obscene language and insists on begging. He loves the one who is modest, clement, and chaste. 

 Imam As-Sadiq says: The one whom people are afraid of his tongue would go to Hell because he would be a hypocrite and not a believer.

Islam wants to teach us how to be humane and polite, and to open the minds of people on what we say. That is why we have to educate ourselves and our children on saying what is best, because this is what Allah loves. And we have to stay away from using bad words for this is what Allah hates. 

The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Iran's technological advancement

The Zionist enemy's position towards the Iranian declaration of lunching a satellite reveals the real position of the Zionist entity, particularly towards the Iranian peaceful nuclear project.

Iran, according to the recent statements of Israeli officials, represents the greatest threat to the enemy.

This is because Iran has been able of taking a big scientific and technological leap that makes all those who want our people to remain consumers of their products afraid. They are also fearful because Iran bases its stands on an independent and free position that is not subjected to any international axis. It also supports the downtrodden peoples and those who demand freedom; especially the Palestinians that the Arabs and the nations of the earth have let down and left them to face their fate alone.

The technological and industrial advancement the Islamic Republic has acquired has left the Enemy in a state of frustration. It is talking about the Iranian industrial infrastructure as being a "strong one”, adding that Israel no longer monopolizes space, thus admitting implicitly that attacking Iran will cost the enemy a lot and that it will not achieve its goals, and that the Islamic Republic is different in its mentality, positions and actions than the states that was defeated by the enemy and yielded to the American dictates and psychological and media threats.

Although Iran does not intend to make any aggression against other states and does not harbour any harm to any Arab or Muslim state, it will not let any regional or international axis attack her, especially that it has enough means to defend itself and the nation. Thus, we call on the Muslim and Arab peoples to benefit from the Iranian offer to help in the field of peaceful nuclear projects and space experiments, because we believe that the Israeli declaration that Iran represents the "biggest threat" to Israel's existence is a clear admission that he who stands as the number one enemy of Israel is the biggest friend of the Arabs and Muslims.

  Mobile crimes:

On another level, we continue to follow the destructive chaos America is creating in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the disturbing mobile situation in Somalia, Sudan, Palestine and some African regions. The American interference in all these places aims at confiscating the huge natural resources, especially oil, as well as the strategic regions in the struggle Zones, by making the Muslim world subjected to an internal and external permanent barbaric war. And we have seen how the US began to overthrow its allies to adopt a new policy that serves its interests and enables it to continue to wage the war on terrorism. This is clearly evident in Pakistan, the Muslim country that is suffering from a security chaos and an economic crisis.

This is what the Muslim world should think about to learn that the commitment of some states to the American policies will not achieve progress, justice and prosperity. America will destroy the temple on the heads of all parties including those have yielded to it, but after it sucks their blood, usurps their wealth and is no longer in need of them, especially when it plans to incite sectarian and racial strife to fragment their countries and engage their peoples into wars, whereby only the American arrogance and its allies, including Israel and even the EU states, will benefit from.

We have also to be aware of what is happening in Algeria, especially of the last bombings that killed and wounded scores of people, to know that this disdain of human life and this insistence or committing moving crimes represent a service to the arrogant powers who do not want our countries to stabilize, rather they want to create chaos to fragment these countries and hinder their progress, whether those who are committing these crimes are aware of it or not.

We also have to look at the devastating war in the Caucasus, where the political and military conflict between Russia and Georgia is hiding the Western and NATO plan to besiege the Russian federation. Nevertheless Russia is trying to regain its power despite all the intimidating western pressures that might drag things back to a stage similar to that of the cold war.

Nonetheless, we notice that the big powers keep the conflict in a limited scale to avoid any nuclear threats. Thus, this power struggle will have to terminate through finding realistic solutions although they depend on negotiations, accompanied by intimidation and empty threats.

 Escalating political tension in Lebanon

 In Lebanon we meet with those who are escalating the political tension in a show of muscle flexing on the sectarian level, so that every party could prove that he is the strongest in his sect or confession… 

  We call on all parties to rise to the national level that enables them to open up on the pains and concerns of the Lebanese that do differentiate between one sect and another. They are all hungry and deprived and they all want the  government to solve their problems and the politicians to face the situation in a faithful and conscious way, so that Lebanon would go back to be the country of good, justice, unity and coexistence and not fragmented sectarian and partisan pieces.

The calm and reconciliatory Lebanon that opens up on the dialogue on its great future and that enables it to play its distinguished role that is based on the cultural and human genius is the homeland that embraces its children and radiates positively on the region, both politically and culturally.

Those who are against any reconciliation between the Lebanese, which would end any kind of strife especially among Muslims, ought to fear Allah in their country and citizens.

Finally, faced by this catastrophe the people are suffering from, being deprived of the basic services including water and electricity, as well as earning low salaries that do not sustain the lowest standard of living, we are surprised by the indifference the officials are exhibiting, and their attempt at throwing the responsibility on the others.

We warn that this stalling and delaying will lead the people to escalate their protest in a way that will further complicate the social and security conditions. We say to all parties: We are not against the start of your dialogue which you continue to discuss who should take part in it, but there are things that cannot wait, especially the economic and social conditions, as we are about to welcome the month of Ramadan and start a new academic year.

Beware of the wrath of the poor before it is too late.