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Advice versus Deceit

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, Shawwal, 6th 1430 H. - September, 25th 2009. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The First Sermon

The balance of love


The month of Ramadan is a period of time that embodies all what brings man closer to Allah, and opens his mind to the good and his heart to love. It also deepens man's humanity so that he would experience his own humanity in that of the other, consecrating the concept of communication between both of them, so that one would love for the others what he loves for himself and hate for them what he hates for himself. Actually, this is what Islam suggested to man; i.e. that he adopts the line of justice as expressed in the following saying: "Make yourself a balance between you and the others; love for them what you love for yourself, and hate for them what you hate for yourself."

Advice is a duty

Therefore, man should be an advisor to the people by his own thought; he would provide them with advice when he is sought for advice, and he would treat people in a way that helps them in solving their problems. As a result, man would turn into a person filled with good to people in all what he is connected to them, stepping out of his selfishness in the sense that he would no more think only about his own desires and needs, but rather he would think about the people (and himself), in order to live a proper social life. Therefore, he would no more be an individual, but rather he would integrate in the society, rendering its safety directly related to his, without imposing himself on the people to make them feel that he is everything and they are nothing except when it comes to achieving his interests and desires, whether in his individual life, or in his family life.

It was narrated in certain traditions that the difference between the believer and the hypocrite is as follows: "The believer eats according to the desire of his family, while the hypocrite eats according to his own desire." Man would think about others just as he thinks about himself and even more; which is what Imam Al-Hassan Bin Ali (a.s.) has narrated about his pure infallible mother, the Lady of the Women of the Two Worlds, Sayyeda Fatima Az-Zahraa (a.s.), when he saw her at night saying prayers to all believing men and women but not to herself, even though she was in a dire need for such prayers and supplications due to her weakness, so he asked her: "Why do not you pray for yourself?" She answered: "My son, the neighbors come before the household members."

Therefore, the Islamic teachings came to confirm the concept of providing people with advice in all their affairs, as it is stated in one of the traditions: "Provide advice for Allah's creation, for nothing you could meet God with is better than this action," because providing advice expresses that you extend your humanity to all people, instead of locking yourself within yourself. It was narrated in another tradition: "He whom his brother seeks for advice, yet he refuses to provide such advice, Allah will deprive him of his opinion," in the sense that Allah would punish him in this world by making taking away his opinion.



Parallel to providing advice, there is the act of cheating; on the one hand, the person who provides advice to the people rises and becomes closer to Allah and Allah would love him, and on the other hand, Allah detests the person who cheats people and would be considered not part of Islam in the social, moral, and spiritual sense of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (p.) said: "He who cheats a Muslim, or harms him, or deceives him is not one of us." He (p.) also said: "He who cheats a Muslim in transactions of selling and buying is not one of us and will be gathered together on the Day of Judgment with the Jews, for they are the ones who cheat Muslims the most." He (p.) also said: "He who cheats his Muslim brother, Allah will not bless his sustenance, and He will spoil his living and leave him on his own."    

Imam Ja'afar As-Sadiq (a.s.) was reported to have said: "Whoever cheats us is not one of us." In a tradition of Imam Al-Kazim (a.s.), he said: "Damned is he who cheats a Muslim or deceives him." Imam Ali (a.s.) was reported to have said: "Whoever cheats people in their religion – including in religion what is not actually from religion – would be opposing Allah and His Messenger (p.). He (a.s.) also said: "The greatest treason is to betray the nation and the most hideous cheat is to cheat the nation," and, "A believer does not cheat, betray, accuse, or let down his brother," and, "The most evil among you is he who cheats others."

Cheating in selling meat


In the light of this, when we examine the reality we live in, we would realize that there are kinds of cheating in the transactions and acts of selling and buying. In the forefront, there are the people who import meat that are not slaughtered according to the Islamic Shari'ah, since they would be imported from countries that do not believe in what Allah has ordained; i.e. slaughtering animals according to the Shari'ah so as to be Halal. So, these people tend to mix these unlawfully slaughtered animals with the Halal ones, and selling the final product as being purely Halal. Even in Ad-Dahie (the southern suburb of Beirut) there are people who import meat from sources that are not reliable in their lawfulness and the way of slaughtering, and they mix it with the Halal meat and might even not mix it at all and sell it to the customers as Halal. We say to such people that they are damned, as the Prophet (p.) and the Imams have said, and we recall a tradition by the Prophet that says: "He who cheats us is not one of us."

In this regard, I issued a binding legal fatwa which says: when you know that someone is cheating people and selling them Haram meat as Halal, then you are bound to boycott him and not to buy from him even the Halal meat, because he is actually cheating the Muslims and acting against the Islamic Shari'ah.

Cheating in transactions


In a tradition of Imam Al-Baqir (a.s.), he narrates one of the experiences of the Prophet (p.) who happened to be expecting the marketplace. He found a man selling food which seemed delicious, so he praised it. But he (p.) was inspired by Allah to put his hand deep inside the food and found out that the food inside was spoiled. So, the Messenger said: "What you have collected here is nothing but a cheat and a betrayal to Muslims." He judged him as being a traitor and a cheater to the Muslims, just as the case of anyone who sells certain spoiled food or defected items, without pointing out to such defects and might even suggest that they are free from any defect, whether in the case of selling an apartment …etc. This is considered an act of cheating because a Muslim ought not to sell anything to anyone except after pointing out its defects and good traits; however, if the seller does not point out the defects, the buyer has the right to cancel the whole operation and retrieve his money.

Cheating in marriage


Another kind of cheating could be practiced in marriages; for example, when someone seeks your advice about a woman that is close to you he wants to marry, or the groom was close to you and someone sought your advice about him, then you should not cover the defects or bad traits of either one of them, because this would be deemed an act of cheating and you will be held responsible of such an act.

Political cheating

Another kind of cheating could be practiced during the elections, be they municipal, parliamentary, or in the domain of employment, and would be represented by someone who praises a certain candidate and boasts about non-existing special traits and tries to hide his flaws…this kind of cheating drives its perpetrator out of the authentic Islamic line.

In addition, cheating during exams is impermissible, so no one is allowed to cheat by giving any answer to the students, whether he was his colleague or his teacher, because it is a kind of cheating that angers Allah.

Morals in Islam


The value of Islam lies in the high morality of the Muslim, for the Prophet (p.) has said: "I was sent to complete sublime morals." If man thinks about resorting to cheating in order to earn more gains or higher results, he should keep in mind that Allah would never bless his sustenance. Islam is not merely an act of praying and fasting, but rather it is an act of honesty, integrity, and providing advice to Allah's creations, and we have to take into account the Hereafter just as we do for this World: "The day on which property will not avail, nor sons, except him who comes to Allah with a heart free (from evil)."  (26:88-89).

The Second Sermon


International total support to Israel


From the heart of the United Nations, the International Organization from which the signal of recognizing the enemy's entity was launched over sixty years ago; which represented a gross violation of the organization's charter and bill of human rights, the American President wanted the Palestinian cause to hit rock bottom by being satisfied by the symbolic side of a picture taken for him with the enemy's Prime Minister and the President of the Palestinian Authority. This picture does not represent anything to the American sponsor of the "peace" settlement and to the enemy's officials whose media reported that the meeting was nothing more than a "joke" to the detriment of Obama…which suggests that the so-called moderate Arabs are handling their critical issues in a humorous manner, which reminds us of what a famous poet has once said: "O nation at whose ignorance other nations have laughed."

The reality of the American President


Perhaps, the most dangerous result that came out of this summit is that it presented to the enemy the presidential American recognition of the entity's Jewish identity, giving the Israelis the opportunity to hail this accomplishment, and giving the Arabs nothing of what they demanded, even at the level of ending the settlement activities.

As a result, the American presidency has retrieved its real image; the one that always submits to the Israeli terms, thus, releasing the enemy's hands in building and expanding the settlements to the maximum, yet they talk in the Arab arenas about peace emerging from between the mines of this stage to the detriment of the historic facts and future horizons.

We believe that Obama has failed, just as his predecessors, when he sought to achieve personal goals to be registered as historic achievements, only to find that he could not side with the right and confront the Zionist occupation with all its stubbornness and brutality. So, he decided that the easiest way is to pressure the Arabs in order to "take tangible steps" – as they always say – a phrase that failed the Arab Initiative and transformed it merely into words and worthless thoughts, aiming at making the Arabs even let go of the fig leaf.

The Israeli – American deceit of the Palestinians

Therefore, due to what is taking place in occupied Palestine starting from the numerous assassinations of the Palestinians, their unjust trials, the confiscation of their homes and lands especially in Noble Jerusalem, and due to the new and accelerating expansions and diggings around Jerusalem itself to build new settlements, in addition to the new Zionist governmental approvals on building four hundred and fifty five housing units in the settlements… in the light of all these events, we believe that the issue is no more than a major conspiracy in which the Americans and Israelis play concerted roles. This would eventually lead to the death of the Palestinian cause in the heart of political details and marginal issues and in the complimentary steps in which the lamb is not allowed to leave the lap of the wolf if the scheme aims at taking a picture at the right moment; the moment the confiscation of the entire cause is declared.

Holding fast to Resistance

We say to the Palestinian people who were abandoned and left alone to face their own destiny, since the Arab League is bearing no responsibility and the Jerusalem Committee is absent even at the level of issuing statements and there is no Arab money dedicated to protect the Palestinian Jerusalemites, at a time Arab billions finance the Western companies to protect them from bankruptcy and to revive the spirit of the Western sport clubs here and there…

We say to the oppressed and persecuted Palestinian people that were besieged by the arrogant axes and occupation forces and collusive armies: you ought to keep up your efforts and struggle to hold on to your land and insist on embracing the cause and prevent the enemy from occupying the memories as well. You ought to know that all the honorable and devoted people in this nation side with you and the oppression that found a lot of collusion in the past and present will be countered by the insistence of the people to achieve their goals in the future. 

An arrogant alliance against Iran  

On another level, we witness a renewed alliance between the international arrogant forces to besiege the Islamic Republic of Iran under the pretext of the peaceful nuclear file, making use of this file to achieve additional goals and further intimidate the Arabs and picture Iran as the scarecrow in the region. They also aim at concluding more arms deals with the Gulf countries to keep the military bases in the region under the pretext of protection, besieging Iran and preventing it from imposing any threat on the Zionist enemy, as well as on the project of hegemony on the region and its natural wealth. They also aim at further pressuring the nation and confiscating its political decisions, and preventing the establishment of a real Arab and Islamic national axis that rejects the confiscation of the nation and the selling of the Palestinian cause.

We say to the Arabs and Muslims: Iran is only the decoy used by the political and western media propaganda, but the real target is Palestine and the big causes of the nation and its positions of opposition.

Inter-Arab relations are nominal


On the Arab level, we feel in the light of the previous experience of the inter-Arab relations and the crises that used to take place between different Arab countries that these relations are superficial in the sense that they shake before any emergency. Moreover, the Arab relations are supposed to be based on unity so that the Arabs would feel that the Arab issues are issues they meet upon, and not to base their meetings on protocols and formal compliments that only produce some psychological relief in the Arab street. Unfortunately, these relations tend to fade away upon the intervention of certain international axes, or even certain Arab ones whose movement is correlated with the international axes.

Lebanon's dependency


As for Lebanon, whose internal situation has become more attached to what is taking place in the outside; we have to monitor the increasing influence of the Arab relations on the Lebanese issue, in order to study their surrounding complications. Actually, the Lebanese issue does not tend to become more complicated or find its way towards a solution just as a result of the nature of the relations between two Arab countries, but it is also manipulated by certain international axes that still consider Lebanon to be one of their major strategic positions in the region.

Perhaps the Lebanese are destined to wait for a long time, for no one in the world is being moved by the increase in the percentages of poverty in Lebanon no one is feeling the pains of the starving and oppressed people; no one is feeling sorry for the present state of the country of enlightment that has become entirely covered with darkness, including those who export the proceeds of their wealth of oil and gas overseas… Moreover, no one is ready to take any bold step to resolve the inter-Arab relations' complications that are almost nominal in many of its domains. May Allah help the Lebanese who pay high prices in all crises, yet they do not take their misery and suffering into consideration when the doors of the parliamentary elections are knocked with the political, sectarian, and fanatic knockers.