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Good Deeds draw one closer to Allah

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Religious Authority H.E. Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah delivered the two Friday prayer sermons at the Imamain Al-Hassanain Mosque, 28th November 2008 A.D. 30 Zul Kaada 1429 H. Several prominent religious scholars, dignitaries and thousands of believers attended the Jumu’a prayer.

The First Sermon

The role of the mind:

Allah says in His Glorious Book:

"And those who are foremost (in faith) will be foremost the Hereafter.

These will be those nearest to Allah."

The most a believer in this world can hope for is to be close to Allah; not physically because Allah is not confined in any place, but the closeness of worshipping and love to Allah, the most Exalted.

There are many traditions of the Prophet (p.) and our Ahel-Beit Imams that tell us what makes man close to Allah.

The Prophet (p.) says to Ali (a..s): If the worshipper seeks to be close to Allah by doing good, you should resort to the mind, and you will precede them. It is as if the Messenger (p.) is saying to him (a.s.) that the people seek to be close to Allah by good deeds in what people need in all their affairs. But the basic instrument to become closer to Allah is the mind. It is the mind that Allah is known by and not the feelings. The mind is the one that educates man and gives him the power of distinguishing between good and falsehood and justice and oppression. It is the mind that guides man to the obedience of Allah that saves him from the torture of the Day of Judgement, and keeps him away from disobeying Allah that would lead to His anger and might lead to Hellfire.

Thus in this saying the Prophet (p.) emphasizes that as the people have to seek to get closer to Allah, they should use their minds to reach the truth and to learn what is right and wrong.

How to get nearer to Allah

Imam Ali (a.s.) says: The closest to Allah among the people are the best in faith. The Imam is telling all people: If you want to be the closest to Allah you have to strengthen your faith in Him and develop it. The more you know Allah's glory and grace, the more you will elevate your belief, and the clearer the Divine truth will be and that there is no god save Allah and no partners are ascribed to Him and that there is no contradiction or change in His sayings.

In another saying, Imam Ali (a.s.) says: The people closest to Allah are those who say the truth even if it were against them, and those who do the right even if they dislike it.

Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) relays what Allah has conveyed to Prophet Dawood and says: Oh Dawwod, just as the closet to Allah are the humble the farthest are the arrogant. It is as if Allah wants to say to His Prophet Dawood: If you want to be the closest to Allah, you have to be humble and modest in all your relations and deeds with others. But if you were arrogant like Satan, then you will be moved out of all the places that resemble Allah's satisfaction, just like Satan was moved out of Paradise.

Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) says that Allah told His Prophet, Musa, that there is nothing that those who wish to draw nearer to Me that is equal to abstain from what I have prohibited.

To those I would give my Garden with no partners. Those who abstain from what Allah has forbidden Allah will give them His Garden (83:26).

Advising his son about what makes him closer to Allah, and respected among the people, Lukman says: I urge you to acquire six traits that will get you closer to Allah's satisfaction and farther from His rage: The first is to worship Allah and not to ascribe any partners to Him. For it’s a great injustice – It is not the injustice of defeat, since Allah can not be defeated, but it is an injustice towards the right, since it is Allah's right to be worshipped without a partner. The second is to be satisfied with what Allah has decided in what you like or what you hate- If Allah has decided something the affects you, you should accept it whether you like it or not. The third is to love for the sake of Allah and hate for the sake of Allah.

You should love people not because of your own passions and interests; but because they love Allah and obey Him and follow the straight path. Then again when you hate, it should be because those you hate do not obey Allah. The fourth is to love for people what you love for yourself and hate for them what you hate for yourself. The fifth is to restrain your rage and be kind to those who have wronged you, and the six is not to follow your whims and passions and everything that make you fall.

Imam Al-Kazim(a.s.) said: It is written in the Bible: Blessed are those who reconcile between people. They will be nearer to Allah on the Day of Judgement.

Thus, man should strive to do what nears him to Allah to earn His satisfaction and nothing but His satisfaction, so that he will enter His Heaven and earn His blessing.

The Second Sermon

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Israeli siege on Gaza represents deadly messages

From occupied Palestine, the enemy sends his deadly messages to the Arab and Muslim worlds, through its suffocating and starvation siege that violates all human rights, to say to all Arabs, and subsequently the Muslims around them, that their weakness, is what pressurizes Gaza, turning it to the Achilles heal of the nation, and the place where the enemy parades its force and tries to prove that the Zionists have regained their deterrent power. It does that by starving the children and depriving the people of any source of fuel while it enjoys such provisions as the Arab Gas and probably all kinds of Arab political media and intelligence aid.

Along side this attempt to uproot all the elements of strength in Gaza, whether those of the political position or arms, in addition to threatening to destroy the Lebanese infrastructure, voices from our internal fronts repeat what the enemy says or does, even in its feeling and emotions. They do that with such an astonishing political rage, especially that those people were the vehicle of many foreign projects, and saw with their very eyes how the nation undermined them by adopting a unified project of resistance.

Even more astonishing is the enemy's concern over the possibility of providing the Lebanese Army with American M60 tanks. The Zionists talk in their media in almost a state of horror, about the coordination between the Lebanese Army and the Resistance, and about how the Resistance have multiplied its strength three times since the July 2006 war. Yet there are some "Lebanese" who continue to aim at the same target.

We say to those Arabs firstly: Israel that plays on your dreams with the notion of "moderation" will make every effort to keep you under the mercy of its projects and satanic schemes, that do not take into account any Arab or Muslim demand. It would have besieged all of you in your homes and streets had it been able to. It does seek not to search for any step towards peace with you. All it wants is to exert its hegemony and dominion over your decisions and your wealth. For it does not see you except as insects and snakes as the one of their Rabbis have once stated.

We say to the Lebanese secondly: you have to know that once you decide to give up your elements of strength and once you relinquish your responsibility in defending your land and honour, and relinquish the gun that defeated the enemy and humiliated it, then Israel will deal with you as it deals with Gaza now.

It will not need to strike and demolish your infrastructure, because it will be holding the key of water, electricity and energy supplies.

Thirdly: we say to the Palestinians whether in the PA or outside it.

The extent of pains you are now suffering from as a result of the policy of siege the enemy, in addition to some Arab and international parties, are carrying out, would not have reached so far, were it not for your disperse and differences that made you look helpless and powerless.

As we deeply lament the Palestinian people who continue to hold fast and sacrifice, despite all its suffering and pains that epitomize all the pains of the downtrodden and the poor on earth, we plead to all Palestinian leaders on both sides to forego their ego and look at their people: They ought to start the internal dialogue process before your greed and differences will consume all what is left of the Palestinian cause and people.

As for the Arab league, it has become merely a name that does not recall anything in the collective Arab memory, since it not only became the league of Arab contradictions, but one  that represents the absolute failure vis–a-vis the Zionist enemy, to the extent that it lures him to commit more aggressions.

What we are witnessing in occupied Palestine now is not only a restriction to the movement of Palestinians, but to the movement of the entire nation. It is not only a closure of Palestinians crossings, but also a closure to all Arabs and Muslims crossings of freedom in the Arab and Muslim world. It also is not only a siege imposed on Gaza, but also one that is imposed on Arab dignity and Islamic will. It is, thus, the right of the children, women and the elderly to cry for the help of Arabs and Muslims while it is our right to answer by crying our lost dignity.

Iraq: A security chaos and cloudiness

In Iraq, the situation is by no means less complicated in a country whose future is not clear, as it is has fallen between the occupation which plans to perpetuate its stay in Iraq no matter how much it threatens to leave, and the Takfiris who indiscriminately kill Iraqis, whether women, children, elderly police officers, university professors … etc, as long as they claim to be fighting the occupation.

As we feel that critical threat of the enemy's plan to perpetuate its occupation, benefiting from the security chaos in which innocent people are being mercilessly killed, we want the Iraqis to be aware of the Mosad penetration to their frontal, middle and back fronts. We also ask them to bite their wounds and unify their ranks in the face of the occupier and those who commit atrocities against civilians. They should try to solve their political difficulties through responsible and objective dialogue and not through sectarian racial and partisan complications, seeking to achieve their national unity, being the foundation on which Iraq could return to its people as a free and sovereign state.

Lebanon: Political complications before the elections

In Lebanon, we listen to more noise as more arbitrary words are uttered in popular rallies and in arrogant and boastful political statements that do not reflect reality nor do they foresee the future. The problem in Lebanon has always been in this political sterility that hindered the birth of responsible young leaders, enabling the inherited traditional leading families to impose themselves on the Lebanese new generations. These families, with their closed minds and fatal fanaticism, are driving the Lebanese youth to fight in the university campuses, instead of leading them to engage in dialogues that open up on love, mercy and freedom which Lebanon can not live without.

Those are the stagnant minds that usually wake up during the election season. They create for themselves familial, sectarian or confessional cocoons, and think that they represent the country and the people. It is this small country that has produced miniature, but still remains a hostage of the small people who are produced by the sectarian circumstances and political complications that prevail with every new election, and in every local season that is run by intelligence agencies internally and externally.

May Allah preserve our country.