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The Use of Force in Islam

Sayyed Fadlullah: The arrogant powers are trying to dismantle the region, thus, we should try to unite it. They want to re-divide us into sects, states and nations in a way that serves their interests, thus, we have to reunite ourselves to thwart their devilish schemes.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: How does Islam view the use of force especially in this critical stage?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said:

Islam has called on all Muslims to be concerned of the welfare of the society thus cementing its internal solidity and increasing its strength in the face of those who wish to aggress.

Islam maintained that the first element of strength is the societal coherence that protects and maintains the unity of the nation in the face of all attempts of fragmentation. It also called for making every ideological, political and economic effort to solidify this coherence.

And since force represents, if it does not tend to be repressive, a source of protection that deters the aggressors, Islam has encouraged acquiring this strength, which is not aggressive in its nature, but has an effective deterring role. It has a psychological deterring and preemptive role, but it does not legitimize aggression, since the use of force in Islam is for defensive reasons.

Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loves not aggressors.
On the individual level, Islam has encouraged the Muslim to be strong, but it stood strongly against any arrogance or conceit. It based social relations on the principle of justice and protecting the downtrodden. The Prophet (p) said: “Never wrong those who do not find any body to support them except God”.

In this respect, Imam Ali (a.s.) says: "The humiliated weak is strong until I get him his right back while the strong and proud is humble and weak until I take the right [from others] of him".

In addition to justice, Islam wanted the use of strength to be on ethics as a means of preventing excessiveness, and aided this by the force of law that further ensures that the rights of the wronged are addressed and that justice is the norm that governs relations among people.

Based on all this, Islam called the Muslims and the weak to challenge the tyrants. But it drew their attention that they have to deal with injustice and oppression in a realistic and rational approach that concentrates on the weak points the strong has, and confront them with their strong points, and not the other way round.

In this stage, the Arab and Muslim weak points that the international arrogance has exploited are firstly: the internal differences which led to our political and economic failures. Secondly factionalism and regionalism that made each country put its interests first at the expense of the general Arab and Muslim interests.

This state of affairs was a major source of attraction for the arrogant power to rush to exploit and dominate our region. This plan is now expanding and seeks to extend the arrogance hegemony to the neighbors of Iraq, using the latter as a military base to attack Iran, Syria and all the other rejection forces in the region.

In this context, all that inflated talk about the Iranian nuclear power seeks to deprive Iran of this potential source of strength as a first step to execute its plan that seeks to target the Iraqi neighbors.

America is making use of every mistake that we have committed to start its final offensive on the remaining forces of opposition in our region. Those who are inciting a civil strife as a result of their sectarian thinking should look at the general picture. The people in Lebanon in particular should take into account the progress of the American project in the region, and not only their internal demands. They should be very careful both in their political discourse and in the political means they adopt. And this applies to all the parties concerned and not only to the opposition.

We are afraid that the plan targets the Resistance and its regional expansion. It seeks to weaken the opposition in the entire region and not in a certain country or sect only.

This means that we have to deploy every political, economic and perhaps even security means we have, but we also have to diffuse all the elements of internal conflicts by finding the criminals who committed several crimes against the nation.

They are trying to dismantle the region, and we should try to unite it. They want to re-divide us into sects, states and nations in a way that serves their interests and we have to reunite ourselves to thwart their devilish schemes.