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Confronting the American offensive is one of the top priorities

In his weekly seminar the religious Authority His Eminence Sayyed M. H. Fadlullah was asked the Following question: Amid a storm of applause in the headquarters of AIPAC, the American Secretary of state waged a new campaign against Syria and Iran , accusing them of supporting terrorist groups that oppose Israel and the peace process… In what political framework can we put this new American discourse?

  A: We believe that this new American position represents another bill that America pays to Israel , and from the platform it usually favors to show its concern for Israeli security and future. But in these days they are even more concerned to underscore to Israel that all what has been planned for in the beginning of the war is still valid despite the setbacks.

The American Administration is sending many political messages for several destinations. It is trying to contain the Iranian and Syrian opposition to the war that could have an impact on its outcome... so that it could throw the ball in the court of its adversaries, as a means of finding a way to evade the accusation of failure that has made her under political and even military investigation in the American community.

The American Administration which has grown more Jewish than the Jews, and more Likudian   than the Likud itself is still sending message of loyalty and commitment to the promises it made for Sharon before the war, which emphasizes the fact that this war had had from the beginning the Israeli objectives in mind, especially that they do not contradict with the American goals.

We are witnessing an actual Israeli administration that has occupied the While House, the Pentagon and other departments. In this respect, the state Department will undoubtedly follow suit. Furthermore, we believe that the American campaign against the militant and Islamic movements in the region constitutes the beginning of dumping the American outlook it used to cover its Israeli stances with.

Therefore, we call on everybody, especially those who still care about the values, their religion and the homeland in our Islamic and Arab nation to study this new aspect of the struggle, and hasten to reestablish confronting the American offensive as one of its top priorities…

There is no time for any stalling or maneuvering. We will either prove that we could survive or America and Israel will finish us off. Things are developing swiftly, and we have to be active and not remain in the sphere of reaction.