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A Palestinian Truce and an Arab Defeatist Approach

Sayyed Fadlullah : The truce does not indicate that the Armed resistance,as an option, is no longer  adopted.

Answering the following question regarding the Latest developments in Palestine: With the announcement of the main Palestinian organizations a conditional truce, many observers feel that this declaration represents the beginning of the end of the Palestinian Intifada… How do you read the latest developments on the Palestinian front?

The religious Maturity Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

The Palestinian Intifada represented, and still does, an important expression of the rejection Israeli occupation. It created the biggest political security and economic impasse the enemy has witnessed since it was created. Moreover, it presented the Palestinian people to the world as a unified solid mass that utilizes all its capabilities and potentials for independence that is ready to engage in the struggle with such a commitment and dedication that failed all the Israeli attempts to force the Palestinian people to surrender, an aim Sharon will never be able to achieve.

The Intifada, as little as its resources may be, was able to impose a balance of terror with the enemy that was there to stay, for it is not an activity of one of the factions or the authority, it is the product of the entire Palestinian people that proved to the world that it is the people that never tires ... When it needs to catch its breath, it does not offer concessions… The enemy has failed in imposing its conditions of dismantling to impose a period of six months of total calmness.

Therefore, this truce might be an internal Palestinian need, after all pressures, including those coming from the Arabs they had to endure, but this does not mean, that the Palestinians have ended their opposition to the occupation including the armed opposition, even though it has to take into consideration the new climate and make some tactical amendments.

Moreover, such an announcement does not constitute a victory for Israel, because it is not a change in the strategy of confrontation. On the contrary, it aims at protecting it and safeguarding the Palestinian national unity.

It will not give America and Israel the opportunity to dismantle what they call" terrorist organizations", for they are not merely parties and factions. They represent the entire Palestinian people.

Finally, although we are quite sure that the Intifada is strong enough, we call on the Arab and Islamic peoples to bear their responsibilities and go back to the streets to express their condemnation of the International, Israeli and even Arab attempts to besiege the Palestinians who are left alone in the confrontation field.

History will not deal mercifully with the defeatists, while the present holds all Arabs and Muslims responsible of taking part in confronting the major challenges.