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Waving the economic card is a part of a bigger political plot

In his weekly seminar, H.E. The religious Authority Sayyed M.H Fadlullah was asked about the American –Lebanese relations, in the light of what is going on in Lebanon and the region. The Sayyed stated:

The American policy towards Lebanon has always depended on the Israeli interests… It has always taken into consideration the impact of the Lebanese stances on Israeli security, economy and politics. Even the American view concerning the unity of Lebanon has always been formulated in the light of the Israeli interests, including the latter’s wish of establishing a strong central government that could execute its demands, especially that of “the security in the north of Israel”, which would affect the Palestinian security, as well as the Lebanese political, social and economic security.

 We are witnessing nowadays a new round of American pressures on Lebanon. These pressures have been continuous since they tried to force Lebanon to sign the 17th of May accord, and the offers they made to help Israel to withdraw, which were in fact, attempts to save the face of the enemy and protect him from the inevitable defeat. We believe that waving the economic card is a part of the continuous political threats that have been going on. Nevertheless, they aim this time to force the Lebanese to adopt policies that would intersect with the American policy towards the region. In short, America wants Lebanon to comply with the political security and even economic conditions Israel wants to impose.

I have said before that the US that had exerted pressures on many Western and Arab states to prevent them from helping Lebanon will not let the Lebanese breathe economically unless they let the Israelis breathe on all levels. America continues to play the same role now, although it knows that Lebanon has already sunk too deep to be affected by such sanctions, especially that the American aid is merely public relations, for it is too small to initiate any relief, In fact, it is insulting the intelligence of the Lebanese.

We would like the Lebanese government and the people to declare that they refuse any help from the American Administration. A country that gave Israel billions of Dollars to burn Lebanon is not in the least concerned with Lebanon’s economic crisis, nor will it sympathize with their pains and grievances, for it is responsible for them, whether directly or indirectly.