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The Pressure on the Palestinians aims at winning the congressional elections

Paris (2) is a part of the international effort to give Lebanon sufficient support to stay alive but not to get well.

Asked in his weekly seminar about the new developments in Palestine and Lebanon,  especially with the new talk about  Paris(2), the religious Authority H.E. Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

Probably one of the most important reasons behind the American campaign against the Palestinian people as well as the Palestinian Authority is to reach an easy victory in the November elections. All Republicans have demonstrated enormous support to Sharon and the American president have violated all international agreements and charters, reaching the point where there is nothing more he could do except to personally go the battlefront and kill civilian Palestinians.

I think that the talk about the need for change in the Palestinian leadership aims at exerting more pressure on the existing one to accept all Israeli conditions. These conditions were agreed upon between Sharon and Bush  during  the former’s last visit to the United States, and which were underlined by Bush’s speech when he talked about a “provisional” state making the continuous Israeli aggression  the only thing permanent.

Thus, we believe that the last round of the Israeli brutal aggression has been coordinated to the last detail between Israel and the US; with the Americans continuing their political and informational escalation, while Israel continues its military pressure especially after the Palestinians had opened several holes in the “defensive shield” of the enemy, who thought that the Palestinians could no longer continue to fight.

As for Lebanon and the talk about Paris (2), we believe that the concern about   the Lebanese stems from the belief that an unstable economy or even a economic collapse could lead to a state of political chaos, and pave the way to a status of instability that could have an adverse regional effects, especially on Israel.

But we believe that Lebanon will not be allowed to recover. The Europeans will only provide sedatives or certain medication that will keep it alive, especially that the international powers, and the Americans in particular, want to use the economic crisis in Lebanon as a political card in the regional negotiations…

This means that Lebanon will remain economically sick, but he would neither be allowed to die nor to recover.