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Signing the Geneva Document in an atmosphere of celebration

Sayyed Fadlullah: We call for a smart political and media performance to accompany the Palestinian struggle on the ground to achieve the ultimate goal of liberation and self-determination.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: The Geneva document was singed yesterday. Since it calls for “putting an end to generations of confrontation and for regional cooperation between the states of Israel and that of Palestine”, in addition to an historic reconciliation...How do you view this new climate of negotiations that is sponsored by Western and Arabic countries in the midst of the violence that covers the entire region?

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah said:

These calls for opening new windows of negotiations have arised due to the new situation the enemy and the world as a whole have found themselves in… The image of Israel has begun to shake in the eyes of the Westerners. In addition, the Zionist elite has warned that if things in Occupied Palestine remain the way they are now especially the Israeli practices and atrocities that reveal that the Israelis are the real terrorists, they will pose a threat to Israel, and concluding that such a threat will eventually turn into an existential one.

That is why we do not believe that the political movement of the so-called “Israeli left” will act, as a lever for peace, for what is called the “peace camp” in Israel is actually more responsible for the great massacres that were committed against the Palestinians, the Lebanese and the Arabs in general. We also do not think that their conscience has suddenly awakened...It is just that the Zionists have discovered that things are turning in the Palestinians’ favor on the long run…

In other words, we believe that an international atmosphere has unfolded-nourished by the Israeli impasse in Palestine and the American impasse in the region. This atmosphere pushes towards dialogue and negotiations.

But that is all that there is to it! There is not an effective international will that pushes towards a solution, but rather to find an exit to Israel whose people are dissatisfied and disillusioned with Sharon’s promises of “peace and security”.

We are afraid that Israel would benefit of the atmosphere of celebration the Geneva document was received with, to benefit from the political cover to buy some time to establish new facts on the ground until the separating wall is constructed, and new settlements are founded… Meanwhile the various parties will engage in a debate about every single detail in the document, while Israel will be given ample time to execute its security and settlement plans and the American president will finish his presidential campaign.

Thus, while we want the Palestinians to be aware of what is going on around them, we also want them to avoid engaging in internal debates or to become preoccupied in the details which are meant to confuse them. We also want them not use the language of threat and intimidation against each other.

All these initiatives are but baits that seek to thwart their Intifada and the enormous efforts they have made in the last few years. They have to multiply these efforts to expose Israel before the world. This is not the responsibility of the Palestinians only, but that of the Arabs, Muslims and all free men in the world as well. We call for a smart political and media performance to accompany the Palestinian struggle on the ground to achieve the ultimate goal of liberation and self-determination.